All those living Chicksands/ Henlow

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by scarecrow, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Just to let you all know that apparently the Esso garage just off the A600 in Shefford and the Jet garage just off te A600 in Henlow have been card cloning. A few people from Chicksands have already been victims of it.
  2. Cheers for that mucker. Spot on!
  3. Just to add, if you head in to Bedford, the Tescos cashpoints have been victim of this as well.
  4. Thats been on station orders for 2 weeks atleast
  5. Its official - Bedford is officially my least favourite place in the UK.

    I never trusted any of the places around there for cash, normally did the cash back thing instead. Was uneasy at the number of ethnic youths hanging around a certain cash point in the town centre.

    Similar scams becoming more commonplace in my part of the world as well (north-west UK) its becoming a bit of a nightmare. Local crime gangs are acutally fighting over which cash points fall into their 'territory'.
  6. *Tut* Now you know no one reads those!
  7. excellent. if i stick in my Reward Card, they will clone that and get me millions of points. MUAH HA HA HA HA! :twisted:
  8. None of this fills me with confidence, what with being posted to DISC shortly... Is rural Bedfordshire really that full of crims?

    Could anyone provide me with lowdown on the area, please?
  9. Shefford has a good curry house... and ummm... well the rest of it sucks.

    Bedford has a couple of ok (ish) establishments to go refresh yourself. But mainly its a backwards place, with the odd neaderthal and immigrant to boot. Others may disagree, but I spend as little time as possible in that part of the world.
  10. Thanks for that T_C_C.

    Two dodgy pubs and a curry house. Please at least tell me there's a decent escape route, otherwise I'll be wishing I hadn't signed up for death by languages...
  11. It's brilliant Teech. You'll have a ball - trust me.

    I'll PM you rather than give you the lowdown on here.

  12. 7 posts and he has scored already!

    nice going teech. enjoy your "lowdown" with ice ;)
  13. CR, that's very naughty. :(

  14. Wednesday night is student night in Bedford and is therefore hoofing!

    Oh course, if you don't like young nubile females...

    Shefford Tandoori is very nice indeed!
  15. seems somebody gives it better than she takes it ;)

    so to speak.