All this talk of BARB scores and performance

Seems every so often we have someone who is asking about BARB test for occupations with the Army. So I have looked around found this study on BARB Tests and performance in training. Though I have not found one on scores for jobs if anyone has information on that possibly we can post it. I am hoping this gives people the the knowledge they are looking for.

Cheers 2CB


Having seen some of them in ITC, I find it hard to believe that they were ever subjected to a 'test' beyond confirming that they had two of everything which they should have two of and that they can stand up and breath unaided.

I've seen corpses with more get up and go than some of them.

It all changes on Friday afternoons though, when the sick lame and lazy are quite capable of suddenly breaking the 400m record down the main drag in Vimy to get to the taxi home queue and the thickest of them suddenly transform into aeronautical engineers when they can work out the trajectory and exact landing site of a grip back into the boot of a taxi from 25m away (potential Mortars Pl), thus ensuring that they have secured transport ahead of the 30,000 other f*ckwits lined up right along Scotton Road.

And there are some who can barely speak, but who should consider a career in Human Rights, as they know them back to front.

Am I getting too old for this game now?

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