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Well I don't know if it's the same for you as you're coming over from a different country. But I handed in all my ID, certificates and other documentation to be photo-copied on the first trip to ACIO. Had my BARB test booked for the following week, passed the medical and then had an interview with the Sgt at ACIO 2 weeks later and then 3 weeks later went off to RSC

I would imagine it'll be the same for you, I just don't know if your process would be any quicker or slower.

How long are you staying for?


"How long are you staying for? "
For a long time dahlin, a long time. :)

They already have photocopies of my certificates, so I guess it's just to show them the originals and set a date for BARB etc.
Thanks charlotte


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I did the BARB on the same day as showing them my certificates, not that it makes a big difference anyway.


Nope. You'll still wait for ages regardless.


Just got back from RSC and had a great time, nothing to worry about except would recommend that if you are going to go that you practice your run times ALOT!

Great bunch of lads there and there was really nothing to worry about.

Anyone going to RSC should not worry, just look forward to it! ;)


oh yeah baby, I passed selection!

Small step on a long walk though...

Phase One looks tougher than I thought it might be, having spoken to recruits currently in Phase One training really put it into perspective.


In the fact that you cannot be to prepared mentally or physically.. to make life easier you have to be more than prepared.

Take the initiative to put as much time into the preparation for the 12 weeks physically and psychologically as you possibly can.

Get out running for long distances to improve your endurance and think of all eventuallities that may occur whilst you are away and to not take offence to any remarks made towards you. Nobody is their to make lifedifficult, it is purely to help you help yourself in the long run.


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luke said:
poet said:
Just bit advice for people starting basic soon MAKE SURE U LABEL ALL OF YOUR KIT!!!!!
Sounds like there's a story behind this, you get lumbered with a thieving little scrote?
Got issued my kit my locker was not locked 2 95s shirtts went missing mess tins and a pair of boots :(

On week 6 of basic learning very quickly :D


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I've got RSC on monday and due to my job choice I'll have to do the maths test (TST). I'm either being a total pleb, or I didn't get the information from my recruiter. What I want to know is: Do I need to bring my own calculator? Is it multiple choice(God i hope so)? And is it easy?

Just as an aside my maths skills are top notch, sort of....I got an A in my A-level physics in the summer, but that sort of maths was all equations to do with the I've got to relearn GCSE fractions
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