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Could some one tell me what phase 2 is like? I'm going for the royal signals and i was just wondering if it is as strict as what bt is and is your fitness left for yourself to keep at the level or do you still have PTIs by this stage?
Well as it turns out, I have, as of today, been accepted for the RADC! I really thought I had blown it when she said she wouldn't take me on, but for whatever reason she rang today and said I had passed.

My Basic start date is 1st of May, a long way off, but plenty of time to up my fitness.


Phase 2 is a bit like going back to school with different uniform! There are PTI's there,and if you would like to improve your fitness ask them nicely and they will most probably draw up a programme for you. It is hard work at Blandford (from what I remember) and theres a lot of bull. All you got remember is Blandford is not the real army. Theres a lot of people who get out at blandford and dont experience life in the army,because they think that that is it. Its only a short while out of your life,it will all be worth it in the end!
Good Luck!


The PT at blandford is nothing like the PT you do in basic, its well easy. You only do 2 sessions a week n quite a lot of the time one of them gets cancelled. Also you only do PT if youre on course so if youre waiting 2 start your course you wont be doing any what so ever.


Hello all! I came across this site while researching army jobs. I filled out the overseas potential enlisted soldier application and sent it off. How long do I have to wait for a reply? I'm also into cycling. Is there an Army cycling team I can try out for? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Charlotte_Roberts said:
I'm sure you won't be the only one with a suitcase :wink:

I'm not joining the RADC anymore - if she won't take me on now then she won't have me at all. I see it as her loss not mine, have decided on RLC, though which part I don't know. Hoping eventually to do PTI
I'm sure you'll go far in Rags, Lorries and Cakes pet and I'm equally sure that you'll do more than one PTI.
I concur, I'm now joining the RADC as I have been officially accepted and have my start date - but I still hope to do PTI :wink:


Does anyone know if someone re-badging have an advantage on selection for a trade over a civvy joining the army?


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Just bit advice for people starting basic soon MAKE SURE U LABEL ALL OF YOUR KIT!!!!!
Bradders_Mk.1 said:
Thanks for the advice poet, off to Harrogate on the 8th...
Good luck mate, my little brothers just completed his time at harrogate and he did very well.

Im looking to join the army but i have asthma is there any advice anyone can give me ive not had to use my inhaler in years will they still decline my application? Also is there a list of run times for specfic jobs??



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Whilst you wait for proper advice from people who actually know I don't think that Asthma will affect you as long as you haven't used you inhaler for the last 3 years and that a doc signs a statement to that effect.

Run times for the BPFA are the same for every Regt. It's 10 and a half mins for a mile and a half following a 800 metre warm up. Try and get in below 10 mins if you dont want to get a bad name.


sorry if this has already been brought up but i have my interview on the 27th and was just wondering what sort of quesions they throw up and how long it lasts.
also in this interview are you expected to know corps history? if so what sort of history?
would appreciate anybody with info to pm me

cheers c1990
papa_lazaroo said:
If anyone starts a separate thread then it'll be culled, I'm afraid.
No need to be scared about it, just do it.



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For anyone that cares to know, I've finally arranged my first interview after the BARB test (which I did some four months ago now).
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