ALL things related to joining up, basic trainning & phase 2

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dirt_Diver, Oct 27, 2005.

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  1. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    Mod's edit: disregard this thread due to the new sub forum.
  2. Ayrey - You shouldn't have posted that topic. It should be in here.
  3. This is better. Now people can look back here and get information.
  4. Ah right, I wasn't sure if this thread was just an indication that this is the correct section to post such questions. [MODS EDIT: Is this a Wah?]

    My question still stands, does anyone know if you have to do any fitness tests during week one basic at ATR Lichfield?
  5. Going to pirbright but been told first week you get tests yes. The test depend on what trade you are going in tell me what trade and I tell you what you have to do.

    Just got my thread deleted but need to know... (If this is not the right place please just move it mod)
    [MODS EDIT: This thread, here is the right place for questions/posts like this, not the main Juniors forum... Read this threads title. it's not hard to work out, is it?] :mrgreen:

    1) When is Xmas leave at atr pirbright? need to know because i need to work out where i am going to stay!

    2) Do we get our 2 weeks money for Xmas? (I know we get at the end of the 12 weeks just wodnerd if they let us have More then 80 quid for Xmas)

    Thanks for any help in advance
  6. In short: Yes! On the Friday, depending on the programme, you will have to do the RMT and 1.5 mile run. It is exactly the same as that done at the RSC. Depending on what capbadge you are (R Signals or RE), there are different standards for each test, with the exception of the 1.5 mile run.

    I'm not sure on the exact RMT Input standards, but they should not be difficult to achieve :D

  7. I'll be training for the Royal Signals, so if you could post the required standards, that would be excellent. I'm guessing as long as I can run 1.5 mile in under 10:30 min I'll be fine, although it concerns me that I achieved 8:57 min at RSC and what the PTIs would think.

    What is this RMT Input test? Is it similar to the TST?
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  8. Don't have the exact standards to hand, but from memory, R Signals recruits must achieve 10:30min for 1.5 mile run...

    The RMT is Representative Military Tasks.. basically, carry 2 water jerrycans over a set distance (60m for R Sigs I think), static lift of an ammo box onto a 1.5m stand (representing a 4 Ton vehicle). Ammo box is about 15Kg, I think. And there is a test involving sit-ups and press ups.... you will find out when you get there ;) as I can't remember the standards or where it takes place in relation to the RMTs.

    If you are running 1.5 miles in 9 minutes I wouldn't worry too much about it :D Although I'm not sure what you mean when you ask what the PTIs would think? You'll find there is a great variety in time between everyone in your troop. Just remember its a best effort... and the results will be put into your weekly report :) So, top tip is to put in 100% effort, and then try to beat your score the next time. Your section commander will definitely be looking for an improvement....

    hope this helps,

  9. Thats my main concern, I'm currently injured and unable to train. On top of that, I'm off on holiday for two weeks, so even if I can sort out my injury, its still going to be difficult to train. My basic starts on November 21st, so just three weeks to go now. I have already lost a weeks fitness due to this damn injury. How quickly do people generally lose fitness, and how quickly is it to gain back?
  10. You are not going to lose that much over a week or two. If you have a lower limb injury, concentrate on upper body and abdominal work and vice versa. Any injury will respond best to being rested.... remember, it IS possible to over train.

    You have plenty of scope within your run time - I wouldn't worry about it...

  11. Is there any other way of finding this out because I phone my career office they dont seam to know. Could I phone the barracks and ask ??

    Just worried xmas will come and I have no where to stay

    cheers for any help
  12. After 2 weeks of waiting after being accepted for the Army I get a letter through the door saying that Lichfield have requested my complete medical records, now I'm assuming that as my Dr passed my medical for me to go to RSC that there shouldn't be a problem and that this is standard procedure?
  13. Anyone off to Harrogate? And to train as an Electro Tech?

    Just wondering who is off to Harrogate in January, and what you will be doing in the Army...
  14. Poet, call ATR Pirbright and ask, if you've already done selection the phone number will be on the papers that your ACIO handed you before you went...

  15. I did just that. Cheers mate
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