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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sarnian, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. I've set this thread up to centralise info on the new DEPO scheme; for those of us clueless bods who have little idea of what we've signed up for... :?
    If you're also on this scheme, please share any useful stuff that you may have come across - we've been drawn together by ARRSE anyway for this purpose, so we might as well make it efficient.

    Also, if you're a vet, an old salt, or generally someone with more experience than us, please could you post it up here to help us lot along.

    many thanks
  2. OK, I'll be the one to ask.

    What's DEPO, been in TA for over 10 years and I've never heard of it.

    Does that mean I'm a mong!

    Beef :oops:
  3. Direct Entry Potential Officer
  4. Good thinking Sarnian. Nothing to contribute at the mo since I've had my questions answered (well shouted at me by a coupla people :p ) Got tons of questions.... it's like swimming through tar. Guess we'll start finding out soon enough.
  5. I think something to remember (I'm a DEPO myself) is all our lack of military experiance and this will always bring skeptisism from the masses here as would an O/Cdt at Regular RMAS.

    We will all have awqward troops under our command who may try to get a 'rise' out of us. Do remember that this is the Internet and you must take peoples opinions in a considered and calm manner. This your troops will expect of any officer.

    So when you are 'shouted' at or heckled don't worry. Just answer in a reasonable and dignified manner. The older and wiser members will probably take a middle ground and your point will be made without being reduced to returning insults or sounding like a petulant child.

    Also remember how much there is to learn from so many people here. In the short while I've been here I've been given so much advice that has shaped me as not only a potential officer but as a soldier too. From the tiny things that DS forget to explain to the larger scale issues that seem so insummountable at first, the information and wisdom is here to be found. You must just ask in the right way.

    I hope this short post might help some of you find the way as others on this site helped me. If not perhaps it will just make you think briefly about yourselves in the potential officer scheme. Most of all, good luck to you all I hope you each reach your maximum potential.
  6. Don't ever be scared to ask the DS. In an ideal world they would teach you absolutely everything about everything but bear in mind the mixed ability nature of most courses - must be otherwise we wouldn't have top thirds, middle thirds and bottom thirds - and the fact that, unlike Regular RMAS, DEPOs need to get home on a Sunday afternoon so training time is restricted. And so they must learn to show the initiative to tell their own DS what they think they still haven't grasped.

    The majority of members posting on this site are well informed and usually provide the answer you need but only a few of them have direct and official access to the RMAS TA cell and you should bear that in mind before taking an answer as gospel.
  7. Point taken Abacus, I was more speaking in terms of infantry tactics/movements and the such. I also received a lot of clarification on the 7 questions here that I didn't have before (took a while to click in place, at least for me).

    Arrse does provide a good forum for those questions you think of after the fact though :D
  8. And point well made by you, Ant - I'm not sure what the original members of ARRSE intended but it's turning into a mighty fine training support tool - especially for DEPOs.

    Good tip on 7Qs - next time you practice the wargaming element, ask your DS to let you play the En. And make sure they give you the freedom to win, rather than the usual TA En who don't bother with KZs, don't use deception, don't employ manouevrist principles, always run away 10mins before lunch, etc, etc. I guarantee an eye opener for most of your fellow DEPOs.
  9. When training, particulary at recruit level, the aim not to test the abilities of the enemy but to teach basic, low level tactics. For example, good ole fire and manoever.

    I have seen many lessons by the enemy doing all the right things - divertimentiki, maskirova ( OK I'll stop bluffing ). Too many lessons ruined by the enemy using every skill they have to make it hard for crows to fight them.

    The end result: en not seen, no FF ammo, pups knackered. Freedom to win is all well and good in its place - a bloke who can barely assemble his webbing will gain nothing from being made to look an incompetant tw@t.

    And I do know what I'm talking about.
  10. Surely BB, baring in mind I have no experiance of such an 'enemy', this would provide both groups of POs an opportunity to see where the standard tactics and the such need to be adapted for the situation?

    After all it would be pretty evenly matched so the learning curve isn't so steep that you end up kurfluffled after the first 20minutes.

    Or does experiance say it never works out like this?
  11. Ant -

    You've done the TAFS weekend, right? Does it start on the friday night , or saturday morning?
  12. Yes, and I agree with you as a general recruit training point but I think you've missed what we're talking about?

    7Qs certainly not taught on any recruits course I've ever heard of. And in the wargaming element which I mentioned, fire and manoeuvre happens by moving bits of card - or airfix soldiers for the very flash. So incompetent tw@ttery of the sort you describe not really an issue here in this "All things DEPO" thread. Of course, the wargaming element of the 7Qs is neither taught nor practised nearly enough, but it is likely to feature more prominently on future T3Ws.

    (BB, assume T3W makes sense to you - if not feel free to PM me.)
  13. Sarnian everything I've done on a weekend starts on a friday as you get basic admin sorted so you get maximum training done on sat and sun.

    Some people turned up on Sat morning but usually miffed the course off a bit because we had got up whilst it's still dark to do a BPFA, CFT or just be treated badly by a PTI :D
  14. Ta.

    What did TAFS consist of?
  15. My view ( borne of experience ) is that there is very little use in showing how you are as an enemy are if the main point of learning is to teach recruits basic tactics. No problem with trained soldiers acting as enemy doing what they have been taught when appropriate - but the recruit must be able to learn one step at a time. the enemy being visible and obvious is required at the start of the training.

    In my view there would be nothing wrong with WATCHING a demo of eg. a section attack against a trained enemy with a DS talking you through what is happening. But to expect you to do it straight away is, to me, unrealistic.

    As I mentioned, I have seen too many lessons ruined by the enemy being invisible, changing fire positions, deception plans etc.

    This is an "All things DEPO" thread - I am contributing: you are clearly open minded enough to,listen. Good for you, right attitude.

    Abacus - if you have been tough F&M by bits of paper/airfix models, then you are missing out. the best way is to get sweaty and just do it. No matter what job you expect to do as a Subbie, you will need to know about basic tactics. You will find this out should you make Sandhurst.

    Its also a VERY good idea not to patronise people who may be DS. :wink: