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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Hole19, May 17, 2008.

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  1. I would like to open this one by asking for some support from all those on the roster. There has been some dis-harmony amongst us with the 3 years seniority rule taking affect (theoretically anyway). I would like to propose we all start asking for our seniority be put to the April of the promotion year you got picked up in. Ms go from say Dec 08 to Apr 08, the E's go from Mar 09 to Apr 08 the C's go from Jun 08 to Apr 08. The beauty of this will mean you will all get to the board for your WO2 & WO1 at the right time and with certainty. For the M's you will actually now know which board you should be on for an early or normal look. My theory is we spread the rumour far and wide up the chain and eventually we will get what we ask for. That was the theory behind removing the 6 year timed promotion rule. Now they still think we need to do 2 tours before getting promoted on merit which is not what we asked for but a step in the right direction. :wink:
  2. What not jumped enough ranks already??
  3. To expand on Hole19s point:

    SSgt Knocker - promoted to WO2 anytime between 01 Apr 08 and 31 Mar 09, his seniority is back dated to 01 Apr 08, first look at WO1 is Oct 2010 and can wear it any time from Apr 2011.

    SSgt Clk Wks M - promoted to WO2 (after 6 year timebar) Dec 08 his first look at WO1 is Oct 2011 and can wear it any time from Apr 2012.

    Under present rules it takes more than 10 years for a Clk Wks M to go from SSgt to WO1. WO2 Knocker does 3 years as WO2, Clk Wks M does 4 years - now whos queue jumping!! :wink:

    I fully support Hole19s campaign and urge others to pester their COC.
  4. Ohhh My bleeding heart !

    Most COW would have gone from LCpl to SSGT within two years give or take so i reckon as ol frankie would say;

  5. What about the two SSgts on the junior Clk Wks (C) couse at the moment? Are they jumped up lance jacks who deserve to wait 10 years to get to WO1? What about the more senior full screws who get picked up for Sgt whilst on course so have in effect slowed down their career by joining the technical rosta? Before gobbing off about Clk Wks why not go to Chilwell and see how busy they are (doing in 18 months what most units do in 3 years) and then say they don't deserve promotion.
  6. You guys want the qual which is a very good one so if your that way incline its only a year extra for a very good qual what you all whinging about. F"£king ACTING SSgt's
  7. Surely you mean f***ing higher band substansive SSgts?

  8. What exactly do chilwell do that MOST UNITS do ????????
    In 3 years most units do 2 op tours nowadays, not sat in an office getting stressed over decimal places but getting out and amongst it working every hour god sends.
    Why cant COW just get on with it and stop trying to justify themselves, YOU WERE NOT FORCED TO DO THE COURSE.
  9. In 18 months most STRE (Wks) will do 2 6 month tours, an OTX, 3 months on SLE and the build up training for the tours and OTX. Plus the rest of the fast balls like recces for rear based designs, the Infrastructure Technical Notes for operational accommodation and try and fit in leave, training, MATTS and adventure training. That's a busy 18 months.
  10. No-one is justifying themselves, just stating the facts. However Knocker, the times ticking for Cbt Engrs. Your time is over, the majority of tasks that the Corps undertakes are now infrastructure related and have been for a good decade or so now, possibly more. the writing is on the wall for the next reorg of the Corps to bring back Const Sqn's, best get your head out of your tams concentrating on mines eh matey you know those things the Corps havent done since the 80's :wink:
    Now, bearing in mind that every CR I had as a Staffy, indicated that I was ready for promotion now, though I still had to wait 6 years :roll: Not bitter, I've had 6 years of high band pay and a feckin good qual. Just annoyed that because of REMRO acting like OPFOR again :x , it disadvantages a good part of a very busy and undervalued Roster who if you havent noticed are now chucking their PVR's in at a rapid rate. The courses now have scraped the barrels for getting people bright enough on them and it hasnt kept the numbers up. The move to a 4 year bar is just the start, I reckon we will get specialist pay within 2 years. We give it to Divers, para trained and EOD, theres a lot fewer of us.
    Like you said I wasnt forced to do the course, but I was bright enough and commited enough which is more than can be said for you :p
    As for getting out amongst it all and working all the hours god sends, try running a decent sized construction task, not some garden shed or minor NEB build we normally trust you knockers with, you might get your eyes opened. As for the decimal points, well get it wrong, people die or the cost/time is fecked up. You would be whinging like a little girl with MDN in her knickers if a task site you were on was under resourced, or under estimated for time wouldnt you? We dont get the option to rely on Pam's where the sums are done for you and there is a huge fudge factor......
  11. actually my highest rank as a surveyor now is Cpl so yes in reality we are forced to do the course...anyone can dig a shell scrape and do the shite that comes with it however senior COW do have some perky postings!!

    plus shout about queue jumping and that all you want but lower ranks still listen and at the end of the day i'll take my jumped up SSGT pension over a LCpl's anyday!!

    However i have waited for my injury to mend and become battle fit again before applying as i still believe that the physical side should be a must after all we are still infantry!

    Plus it's not long until we're an under-paid over-stretched KBR recruitment service!
  12. knocker if you wanna fun life get yaself to 12Gp into 529STRE and try plan something for leave! atleast squadron's have timetables and don't sit on a perm R1 or R2 status!

    The Corps has realised it has to give something hence new RFI's, lower waiting bands and even more quals (duty rumour along the lines of modular degree) which i believe is a small perk for the weight of work these boys have! Bastion doesn't just grow itself ya know!

    And even if you wanna bring it down to basics yeah, the Pizza Hut at BSN wouldn't be there if it weren't for our team!! Those without the knowledge shouldn't shout about what they havent done!
  13. It still sounds like you all are trying to justify yourselves, at the end of the day we have two different jobs you big up yours and i big up mine its natural. Combat engneering will never die, yes things change like you said mines etc but they are still out there and still need to be taught as i know being at trg regt at the mo, (waiting for the sly remarks, heard them all dudes). I like the im brighter than you remark, i havnt done the course because i dont want to, ive been recomended several times but it just does not interest me im more of a get my hands dirty kind of person each to there own. Also money isnt eveything and i want to be a REAL TROOP STAFFY and keep on commanding men not a couple of Spr's in a construction cell. Like i said before Each to there own and everyones got their own opinion about their own job and everyone elses.
  14. I dont think CofW's need to justify themselves to anyone.
    Yeah nice one, 35 blokes? Whoopdy doo.....
    I suggest you take a look at the majority of clerk of works and what they manage, my last task site I had just over 1500 working for me. Now did you go to trg regt as a LCpl? If you did, hoist in remarks about queue jumping the majority of us got full screw before starting the course and didn't have to go to Training Regt to get that rank like the majority of your peers there. Poncy Trg Regt Queue jumpers! So far all you have proved in your posts is a poor grasp of the realities of life for the Modern Corps, on ops 95% of the work is infrastructure, that's it sh*t bust. All you managed to do was use the tired, old, infantile quotations which might have been relevant up until the late 80's but isn't now. Remember that on your first Infra task, as I said, there will not be pam to help you.
    Oh and recommended to pass the course means shoite! You haven't attempted it so you have no grasp of whats involved so you cannot comment on what Clk of Wks actually do. Real Staffy? Takes a bit more than 2 years at Gib eating cheesy beans at the Jacko. Best you learn how to be a real full screw first, its a bit different to impressing recruits at Gib.... :wink:
    Oh and btw, Combat Engineering has an I in it feckwit :roll: