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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thinkingaboutit, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. Only if used as a reinforcement point in conjunction with other activity.

    Pun VC , Grey's Lane etc. I think Grey's Lane still remains the fastest growing petition ever on that site.

    Even then , the petitions were only mentioned in passing by the Government, after they'd jumped on the winning team at endex.

    Oh and the official MoD statement altered to show no reference to the activity, in spite of the title
  2. Yes pointless!! What is 500 or 50,000 out of a population of +60 million or a voting population of around 30 million?

    Ultimatly all those who sign any petition will get is a standard response drafted by an official in the MoD, on Ministers behalf, setting out the official line. It is far better if you feel strongly about any issue to take it up with your MP or Minister direct, using your own words, then at least they should address any points you make and not send a generic response Even then you are unlikely to change anything unless there are enough votes in it! So for a petition to have any impact. I would estimate it needs over 1 million signatutres or for specific issues at least 10% of the population who may be effected.

    Unfortunately, very few us have the power to change the world and todays newspaper headline is tomorrows fish and chips wrapper
  3. Let us say we set up a petition along the lines of:

    "We think paedophiles should be jailed for life"

    And we got the Sun to back it, and Sky and in fact, everyone...

    Who wouldn't sign it?

    Knowing that most people feel along similar lines, and any legislation would be emotionally popular, let's say that 10 million people DID sign it, would there be a change in the law? Would it make a difference?

    What value the 500/50,000 now?
  4. Well said PTP. Another example of a petition playing a genuinely useful part in a successful campaign was hitback's 'Social Housing Discrimination' campaign which was supported by BAFF, the RBL and by many on this website. But it was only one part of the campaign.

    There is no use expecting a petition to change things on its own, and it is equally nonsense to say that a petition can never make a difference or that it needs x million people to sign up to it.

    The petition has to make some sense in the first place. Many do not.
  5. Fair enough..

    Just sometimes seems like we have to have a weekly petition about some great cause. In the case of the petition in question, out of 46,000 users, 500 odd people have signed it.

    Makes you wonder why.
  6. All well and good that a few of these Petitions have been associated with one or two succesful initiatives, but by and large they are a waste of time and effort.

    It seems that many are initiated by posters on this site with their own little 'outrage' agenda and if they achieve anything at all with their 200 or so sign ups, it is to provide the No 10 Office with a reason for ignoring a subject.