All the Queen's Horses - The Drum Horse

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_RTG_Medic, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Evening all,

    Odd question but indulge me. I tried google and failed.

    Finally caught up tonight (with the help of itvplayer) with All the Queens horses. Are there any equine types out there who know the name of the Drum Horse and from which regiment he came?

    Many thanks in advance

  2. Dunno, mate, he wasn't wearing his Beret!
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  3. One's Life Guards One's Blues and Royals Achillies and I think the grey is Celt
  4. If you have faceache ask on the band's page.
  5. Went to Colonel's Review today, programe states: Drum Horses: Achilles The Life Guards ridden by Lance Corporal of Horse P D'arcy. Mercury The Blues and Royals ridden by Band Corporal Major S March. They are on facebook
  6. the Kettle Drums are quite old aren't they?
  7. Cheers.

    That's actually quite interesting. I knew the Farriers carried axes, but didn't know their significance until now. Spike to kill a horse, axe to remove it's feet (essentaily a starred or P class item!).

    Nothing about the drums though. Weren't the Napolonic? And... why kettle drums? Bass drums for troops on foot I can see, but why would you need such drums for horses?
  8. I remember going into one of the drum horses' loose box at Knightsbridge during the 80's and the hoss was huge - from memory about 18 hands?
  9. Yep I remember Belisarius standing on my foot by accident and then looked horribly sheepish afterwards as I hobbled around swearing my tits off with tears in my eyes!!

    Very patient, gentle and good natured horses I remember

    Hooves the size of car hub caps (or larger) so you know when you've been trodden on!!

    I think at the time the other horse was called Leonidas but I cant recall which was Blues ( I think Belisarius) and that would make Leonidas Life Guards ?


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    We had another chap called Janus who was a bit feisty as he was still in training I think
  10. Apparently one of the 'drum horses in training' at the moment (Digger) is 20 hands and still growing!!! He is already the tallest horse in UK.

    They get the Greek Hero names when they are passed as 'drum horses'.

    From the above linke
  11. 20???? Good grief - that's huge! I occasionally rode one of Lilo Blum's horses called 'Mountain' - it was 18.2 and that was big. I'm 6'6" so when we went around Hyde Park Corner I could almst see in to the top deck of double-deckers.
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  12. I guess in a battle? I will pop into the Museum tomorrow and see what I can find out
  13. You're a gentleman and a scholar.

    Just as an aside. Obviously the hoof was lopped off and taken to the QM (or stable guy) for a remount. But what of the rest of the carcass? Was it acceptable to eat teh mount? (excluding lfie nd death scenarios) And if so were other units allowed to eat too?

    Did the butcher go to the horse, or the horse to the butcher? And what would happen to a trooper with no foot to swap for a new horse? Say because he was dismounted and horse ran off. Did he have to pay for the hrose, or join the infantry?