"All the nice girls love a soldier"

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mr.X, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. Apparently 12% of guys join the Army to get laid... :?
  2. And your point is???
  3. 12% of guys join the army to get laid.............By their drill SGT?
  4. Most sgts are GORGEOUS! a short angry little bloke with a loud voice..."what a dish"
  5. Although that applies more to RSM's
  6. I'll have you know I'm a Lieutenant General. Bitch.
  7. you're 15/16 :]
  8. What do the women join for?
  9. the same reason except that they can be more picky due to the unequal numbers. Although those I have met wouldnt be interested in the blokes...if you catch my drift.

    Or it could just be so they could possibly boss a bloke around one day.
  10. Don't forget your 'starters.'
  11. Just one day? I make it my main effort to boss them about every day.
  12. Thought you stopped shouting at cadet's after that last encounter where you ran away crying like a biatch.
  13. Look son, just because you are TA doesn't mean you can gob off.
  14. Just because you're at an RE unit doesn't make you a sapper :D