All the gear, no idea!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by woopert, Mar 23, 2003.

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  1. Well it seems our SPAM "allies" have done it again, this time shooting down an RAF aircraft with a Patriot. Picture the scene. You are a Patriot battery commander and you see on your screen a trace that doesn't look like a missile, flies at a trajectory that can't be a missile, isn't flying as fast as a missile, is transmitting IFF, and yet in spite of knowing all of this shoots it down anyway! Another glorious kill for the Americans, well "Booo-yah Gunny, we'se gone an' got us anather ayyyyy - rab!", pity that the plane they shot down was on their side, but that is a minor irrelivance to the "shoot first, ask the relevant questions later" mob of gun-slinging, cigar chomping, 10-gallon hat wearing, in-breeding, General Lee supporting, yee-ha shouting, stars and stripes touting SPAMs. These f***ing idiots have all the toys in the playground and no idea how to play with them. I bet the in-bred f***wit that ordered the plane shot down will got off with a couple of medals for getting up in the morning and brushing his teeth and a pat on the back. Could you imagine a Brit getting off so lightly for doing the same? No, it would be another "Lee Clegg" injustice.

    Let us just examine the track record of our psychopathic leaders of the free world shall we?

    1) A300 (the Vincennes incident)

    2) UK Warrior AFV's in Gulf War 1

    3) 2 UH60's at the end of Gulf War 1

    4) Canadians on a training exercise in Afghanistan

    5) 1 UK aircraft

    These cowboys make my piss boil! [​IMG]
  2. Don't forget the bright boy who called down an airstrike on himself in Afghanistan (via AVM Tony Mason last night)

    Early reports re The American blue-on-blue are saying the perp was a "Muslim American"

    ...and there was me, thinking it was a lantern-jawed, blue eyed, good old boy, who just found out his wife was doing the horizontal nasty with one of his mates...
  3. It is interesting to note that the American GI's in WW2 nicked named their own airforce the "American Luftwaffe"

    A German prisioner once noted that they never took cover when German Aircraft were overhead, but did so every time they saw their own.

    er..........nothing changes except now include anti aircraft bty's

  4. Well if you dance with the devil, once in a while you will get your feet trodden on!!!!.
  5. You should make your mind up minute you're bleating about the injustices of war and the next you're pontificating over fatalities caused in war, albeit by accident.  Just what kind of hippy are you?

    And the rest of you should shut the f*ck up as well.  It was an accident, they didn't do it deliberately and the facts of the case (a term which one or two of you have trotted out once or twice in the past) have yet to be established.  So why don't we all wait until they are made available eh?.

    And want to see a doctor about your urinary problem  ;)
  6. I was working with Yanks when they killed the Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan, they just said that it was a fact of war and would not even think of questioning how they do thier business.

    As Woopert, they reallt boil my piss...
  7. I have felt like writing in a bluey - feck the Iraqis keep your eye out for the Yanks!
  8. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    I should bloody well hope not!!  But it does seem to be a regular occurrence with our American cousins and I can't help but feel that the guilty parties will be let off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

    But, as you say, let's wait for the official verdict before we go storming the Whitehouse.
  9. Quote: And the rest of you should shut the f*ck up as well. Unquote shut the f##k up.

    The yanks are notorious for this kind of incident.

    Oh and not in my name you are an insensitive c##t

  10. Ma Sonic
    You completely missed my observation, I shall digress.
     When you take up arms with a nation, that within its own violence and gun culture, breeds in turn to some extent the yeah arrrrr blood lust culture, we have and continue to heard the woops of delight when a missile hits the target, terms like it was a turkey shoot, well, well done lads NOT???.

    ex marine
    Insensitive me, Jesus thats the kettle calling innit!!!, since ive been on here some time now, ive read terms like, killing rag heads, they deserve it. Dehumanising your opposition. The fact is, that most of the people that will and most probably die are innocent civilians.   What on earth do you expect, and by your own admissions nothing will probably happen to the inept personnel, this is the ultimate insensitivity :( :( :(
  11. And you're just an arrse mate.  So like I said, why don't you just wait to find out what really happened before shooting off your mouth.  Exmarine?  yeah, you were probably in the band.
  12. You are quite right "Not,in,my,name". Most of the people killed probably will be innocent civillians. Or versed in a slightly more accurate manner, very guilty Sadammites dressed as innocent civillians. Funny really, you are such a humanitarian and bleeding heart for the anti war side, when today, as they (those who you say are being wrongly invaded) got their human shields together, are going through the destruction of bridges in order to enforce the issue, showed and humiliated POWs on international, have broken the Geneva Convention left right and centre and basically make a mockery of you people.

    They have actually shown in many of their recent actions, just how inhumane, sadistic and completely irrational they are when led by this tyrannical Characature they call president.... So yes many innocents will die, when all that man, their leader had to do was pack his bags and leave his dying country to be re-established and economically assisted in a possible democracy...

    Oh yes Not in My Name, if my husband is lucky enough to come back, I'll ask him what he considered the whoops of delight to be. I think he and many down to earth people would interpret them to be an excuse to release the stress and anxiety that they must be currently feeling. Turkey shoot? They are professionals not psycopaths dear...
  13. You tell 'im Lucy!.   He's nowt but a bloody hippy.  He's probably  unemployed, living off the state and is using the Community Centre computer to post on this site.  
  14. Actually Ma sonic, you gobshite, you have had it all one way before.

    With regard to wait until we find out, if you care to read before engaging your own gob, types like you love to hear yourself (or read) you will notice that I referred back to WW2, the latest incident is just so indicative.

    This aint a one off.

    I notice they can't read TV as well and took out an ITN reporter, fu#king good shooting tex.


    As for the band it is the finest, but I had other interests.

    Yes you can stick to playing your one eyed oboe.