All the BS that goes with TA training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Just wondering aloud here, went shotgun shooting yesterday: no red flags, no sentries, no RCA, no RASP, no background activities, no range stew, no butt party, no picking up the brass - and no incidents. Was it worth £50 for 2 hours of fun? Every penny of it, I would suggest.

    Talk then turned to hill walking and how it is free of all the ITFAs and ATFAs, likewise skiing - and I was wondering whether this is the reason that the TA is becoming less and less attractive as a part-time activity?

    For a small cost you can get almost all the 'fun' things that the TA offers with none of the BS which the army wraps around it and ties it up with.

  2. Ah but would you want to go hill walking in Afghanistan with a purdy?

    Seriously though, when in the last (for example) 60 years, has the TA enjoyed healthy recruiting? (when a platoon really was a platoon etc)
  3. I'm just annoyed at the amount of time that I have been spammed for bone jobs simply because I can do my job properly!


    Incident 1:

    Being only one of two to pass APWT 1st time - Dicked to pan bash then anally clean troop shelter.

    Incident 2: Took initiative to clean weapon during a lull - Run around picking up rubbish which means I'm late back to rest of coy where I get a bollocking! 8O

    Of course the alternative is to biff which of course leads to "your in your own time now.........." :roll:
  4. i know what you mean mate you do your job then when the mongs are doing re-tests you get spammed for all shi**y jobs!!!!
  5. 1982 for a short while, seems maggies little war was a lot more popular than US President BLiars.
  6. MSR perhaps its time for you to hand in your kit and join the RBL chatting about what things were like in your day?

  7. yeah you think like that then you do a weekend at copehill down and your faith is renewed :D .Though some ****** rents it too airsofters :evil: .
  8. People are becoming increasingly savy about how they use there leisure time.

    When I'm not in green, I teach people to fly gliders. We've also seen significant changes in attitide to how people want to spend their spare time. Gliding tends to be time rather than money intensive and so people loose interest quicker.

    Sign of the times?
  9. Peasy.

    Get yourself a stripe.

    Shite runs downhill, you can then dick others.
  10. I think the TA sells itself short, the TA offers potential recruits and soldiers a great deal. For example skiing trips, sailing, rock climbing, adventure training weekends, clay pidgeon shooting and chance to travel. The problem is that the general public dont really know much about the TA, all they hear is that it goes to operational tours to support the regs.
  11. Since joing the TA, a few of my friends have joined too, albeit other units. This is because I've been able to give them a balanced view of what it is like to be in the TA rather than being hyped up like what you see on the TV, or the more and more common "You'll be going straight to Iraq". They've joined, they've trained and they've enjoyed themselves and have had no regrets since. Unfortunately the message that you get paid for training, can have a lot of fun as long as you can put up with the BS seems to be lost quite quickly.
  12. To true , try selling the T. A. over here in Germany . Not many people have even heard of us , even though our troop been around for 10 years !
  13. If everyone in the TA brought just one friend into their unit, the TA would double in size. Our soldiers are our best recruiting tool. In my unit i have brought in 8 members of my family and 4 or 5 friends so it can be done.
  14. True but it's hardly the right way to encourage people to do well especially if they are relitavly new with not much experience
  15. You have friends.....who aren't in the TA? 8O :?