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You're probably aware that GCO and myself are both pretty maxed out at the moment which is why we haven't been very active in the recent spate of extremely righteous campaigns (Pun VC, Gray's Lane, etc). Despite this please be aware that we are right behind you and offer as much assistance as we are able. If you need something then please let us know .......

[align=center]SSAFA Norton House
will be open to receive the first families on Thursday 14th February 2008![/align]


I've posted this on the main forum and on RP and RR too. I was just re-reading some of the threads in this forum from the time and had a few laughs at the manicness (yes, I've just made up a new word!) of it all - crazy times kids! :D Shame Fluffster isn't around to see it open, but at least he was there for the meeting and result.

My glass is raised to the lot of you - well done us! :wink:
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