All Terrain Individual Assault Vehicle

Saw this on the Daily Mail Website and just had to post it ....

......I can see it now , if the call comes , hundreds even thousands of these trundling across Germany to push Ivan back to the border ...mind no move before 11.00 hours and all action will cease at 16.00 prompt daily with comfort stops every hour ... full article with an associated tale of bureaucratic problems with using such a vehicle in the UK ... looks a very enjoyable bit of kit .
Ah, at last a way for the Septics to ensure that their armed forces don't exclude 50% of their population from service in the military by requiring them to be able to stand without being able to collapse under their own weight.

OR is it

The new look Royal Armoured Corp's post SDSR Chally2 replacement?
On the other hand, if he got his Cat H licence, he's be able to drive this instead
432 which is much better value for money.
For someone who's in constant pain, he doesn't grunt much or drop a smile when he's driving over bumps.

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