All stations Radio Check!!! Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Arthur3bums, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. Right
    All the Goonery and Oily rag types seem to be having a go at having their own threads sooooooooooo, all Sigs type people put your witty japes and jingles in here as I'm confident we were livelier and more fun than the other trades on the grounds that we were party to many more individual's c#ck ups. Therefore we should be able to run riot over their public!!!!!Blackmail definately allowed. 8O 8) :? Oh and no veiled speech!!! Just keep brevity on the go!!!
  2. Hmmmm, removing antennae when the operator's transmitting, you only did it the once!
  3. Hello One
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

  5. When I was in COP in about 97 we were at a location one night with rather a high mast. The mast was surrounded by bollards as it was on the edge of a parking area. The Rigger had a task on the mast and so climbed up and did what he had to do.

    Meanwhile the lads stood around below the mast having a brew, smoking and chatting. A while later we heard a shout from the rigger to move away from the mast as he was going to abseil down. We all moved away and looked up as this rigger came flying down the side of the mast looking cool as fcuk descending at speed. As he neared the ground he locked off, but only a split second too late before he was wearing a bollard up his arrse!! There was a thud and the rigger was sat on this bollard all tucked up before rolling on his side onto the ground. The laughter was deafening, and we couldnt help the guy for laughing so much. He moved a bit after 30 secs and said he was ok and not to help him up as he would be alright in a little while. Eventually he stood up and limped like a gangraped rentboy to his car as he whimpered as he lay on the back seat. He recovered after about three hours and eventually finished the job.

    What a day to remember, if only the CCTV faced inwards....
  6. All stations 0, Zero, this is 0 Zero, Tune Antennas out. 13 Wilco out There was always one. Sorry if the voice procedure is out of date and not as it was but I spent most of the time after the Army in the air and the voice procedure was/is different. So please excuse an EX B1 radio op and sqn sigs NCO
  7. All the above posts confirm that you RAC signals/wireless wallahs are indeed boring geeks. Now off you go and iron your plastic barrack dress trousers and prepare your dull and boring lesson plans on opening up drills, SID and SUD etc etc...........(Yawn)

    You all know that D&M instructors are the salt of the earth, fine upstanding hard working chaps and you all wish that you had chosen D&M!

    Awaiting your positive (if somewhat geeky) feedback on my above comment. :wink:

    As for Gunnery Instructors. They are all far to busy having their hair permed and talking about themselves to comment! :D
  8. The best laugh we had at the Sigs School, was when we left after the last day of a course :D Does this mean we will see the return of barrack dress, jersy had with extra strong elbow patches :D Gosh all this talk is making me feel :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:
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    Wrong means! Go and post on the D&M thread. Oh hang on, D&M is so-o-o boring that there isn't one.
  10. Ah......... I see you have all started to wake up now that the subject of D&M has finally given you something interesting to talk about................ :D

    AlienFTM what would you know? They still used semaphore when you were in! C13 and C45 are new fangled to you. :wink: :D
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I remember on me Class 1 course at Bovvy the (Royal Hussar) instructor told us about a bloke off a previous Instructors course.

    He had had to give a lecture on the use of UHF radios to talk to aircraft.

    He started with the old Larkspur FOO set with frequency crystals, so old I forget its designation. We had one on our books in 15/19H but nobody ever signed it out and in fact none of us even seemed to knew or care how it worked.

    So this trainee instructor starts going on about features and operation of said radio. He explained how there was a switch to make it work as a beacon. He threw the switch in demonstration, then moved on to his next topic.

    Five minutes later the Signals Wing was rocked as a Phantom from Yeovilton beat up the camp at rooftop height. Seems this guy had a friend flying Phantoms and agreed to organise himself to be in the air at the given time and assist in the demonstration of how the beacon worked.

    As the class picked themselves up from the floor, the would-be instructor said, "... and that's how the radio beacon works."

    Then the OC Wing came in and ripped into him because the backwash from the Phantom had removed the entire antenna farm from the roof of the building.

    I liked the story. Never actually convinced meself it was true, but it was a good story nonetheless.
  12. I think you might mean the A43 manpack a six channel UHF wireless.

    But I'm only a D&M oily rag , what would I know :wink:

    Edited to add this geeky link for you old and bold wireless knob twiddlers..........
  13. Stories still to come but, 2 years before I got out I got posted in...amongst these other illustrious fellas!! Answers a lot of querys about the 9/12L though.......they were all here!!!!! This was taken December 1988.......see if you recognise someone!!! Incidently BigUn.....funniest thing I ever saw done with an antenna section was......when in JLR a 14/20th D&M Destructor, during a brilliant description of the battle links.......managed to weld the section to said links shooting his beret across the turret with the shock!!!!

    Before VTT asks why, at 6' I'm smaller than the rest of the back's cos the lawn was soaked and my arrrses weight made the stool sink......a bit!!!! 8O
  14. JT the RSMI and S(?)B (on Snozes left) were both on my instructors course.
  15. JT - Fair bloke albeit likely to smile, take the rip then, launch an inanimate object at you!! - SB - Top fella an all round nice chap.