"All soldiers must die" PoS author convicted in court

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. Guilty: Youth in ‘all soldiers must die’ rant | UK News | Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express

    So he's a "yoof." Who gives a fuck? Hand him over to a handpicked platoon of the British Forces best bad arses and ensure he doesn't reach adulthood - over a painful and prolonged period of time, of course. Wouldn't want him to get off easy.

    Now, the final clincher would be to read the words "Is spared jail" in the headlines of the sentencing story.

    "Have Your Say" is not available for this story." The Express have no balls, then.
  2. He won't do time.
  3. I'm sure it must be tough for a young Muslim when seemingly you are blamed for many things just because of your religion.
    I remember becoming a teenager and at that time teenagers were in the papers being blamed for everything.
    We all say daft things especially when we aren't very politically aware.
    Stupid, yes but prison?
  4. Can't argue with the basic premise (even Tropper must kick the bucket some time). Can they prosecute the journo for "army soldiers", irritating pleonasm?

    How will prosecuting this numpty help? Fanaticism, intolerance 'n thought crime worthy of the Taliban that will only confirm the opinions of his like minded mates.
  5. May I remind you that Trooper invented immortality?
  6. Nah that was Immorality I think you'll find.

    Besides, wouldn't you have to be alive before you can be immortal?
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    whats good for the goose should be good for the gander. if we're going to go down this legal road of making saying nasty things about each other a crime, then let's make it a level playing field and the same consequences for all.
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  8. I'll see you on the excercise yard.
  9. Pro bono.
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  10. Don't you just love it.

    They can have riots and kill people because someone has said something that "offends" them.

    If, we, the west, took notice of every vitriolic comment made by people under the Moslem/Islam umbrella to the same magnitude that these clowns do we would have turned their countries into glass parking lots.

    They wonder why we do not want them to have the bomb, I mean, they cannot be trusted to behave like civilised human beings with a pea shooter.

    I am normally pretty tolerant of other peoples beliefs and religions, (How you talk to your God is your affair.) But I am getting a bit tired of all this shit going on.

    There is such a thing as Free speech, Give up and grow a pair.

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  11. No. It is a well-known journalistic fact that the term 'soldier' encompasses sailors, airmen, and marines when on terra firma. Also, there is a notable precedent, "Army Soldier, Be the Best!"
  12. As opposed to 'Soulja'. We've done such a splendid job of educating the kids they need as much help as we can give them when explaning difficult concepts, like writing in English and not text speak.


    Look at the heft of his jib... he doesn't need prison time. Embed him with a patrol as 'asst Terp and cultural ambassador for British Chavvy Mongs'
  13. Slight spin on the story:

    "District Judge Jane Goodwin’s guilty verdict was met by claps from Right-wing groups in the public gallery."

    How do they know it was right wing groups applauding. I would have pulled my t-shirt over my head and run round in circles and I'm not right wing.
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  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    These groups & people pop up on Facebook all the time,my Facebook wall is filled with requests to ban this & that group for whatever...Most of them I ignore.
  15. He's an arse
    But his stupidity cost his employer trouble and some poor sod who shared his surname ended up needing police protection from the muslamic raygun idiots.