Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by predatorplus, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. Yesterday I decided to meet my girlfriend on her lunch break, and go for a spot of lunch. So I walk into the Psychiatric unit where she is head of admin, transport and head nurses PA (shows what idiots she works with, as she is only 18 and “doing the job better than anyone else” head nurse quote)
    She wanted me to meet the people she worked with, all went well, until I the only male working under her came in, and all the she told me about him became true, just look at the basic transcript of the convocation:
    Me ‘hello I take it your Ryan’
    Ryan ‘yes, you must be £%£&#, she tells me your joining the army soon’
    Me ‘why yes I am, not sure what I want to join yet, but we will leave that to the BARB’
    R ‘I think you’re an idiot’
    Me ‘excuse me? Why am I an idiot?’
    R ‘your joining the army, and going to murder people’
    Me ‘murder people? Are you trying to wine me up?’
    R ‘year it’s stupid to join the army, and fight for a pointless cause and an unlawful war in Iraq and Afghanistan’
    Me ‘do you even understand what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan? In Iraq we are re-building a country, and in Afghanistan we are fighting for the freedom of people that never had it before’
    So it goes on like that for about a minute, when I say ‘what ever mate, your entitled to your opinion but in future keep it to yourself’
    When he replied
    ‘All soldiers are cowards’
    At this point, Mrs Predator saw a look on my face and must have thought ‘bad move mate’, so with my face red with anger I turned round and looked him in the eyes
    ‘Did I just hear you right?’
    R ‘yes and all the soldiers that have died might as well committed suicide, because it was their choice to die.’

    This is where Mrs Predator steps in front of me, and tells ‘don’t even think about it’, pushing me back out of the room.

    Last thing I hear is the head nurse ‘Ryan I will see you in my office at 12… no buts 12’

    Now to point out a few mistakes,
    1. It was in front of the head nurse (his boss).
    2. It was in front of a few other nurse.
    3. I know of at least 5 nurses working there, who are either married or are dating soldiers, and boyfriends and husbands coming to meet for lunch happens quite often.
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Come on then do the decent thing and tell us all which hospital this tosser works at?
  3. mate you will always meet some of these idiots... thanks to some bad press and plain ignorance they are self rightous in thier cause.

    youll have a hard job convincing them otherwise, its like convincing that hook handed cleric to join the infantry.

    in future you may want to point out that thier freedom is largly based on the old boys actions of the world wars.

    soldiers do not go out on patrol to slot everyone they see, the only people they usually kill are shooting at them first.

    we have done some stirling rebuilding work in the middle east.

    we are just doing our job. this includes protecting civvilians at home as well as the sandy places. intelligence and survellance from our own armed forces may have stopped alot of stuff we dont know about in UK mainland.

    the armed forces is not all guns and artillery. we have all sorts of trades in the support arms helping these countries back on thier feet.

    if all else fails ask him outside for a word then pan his/her face in with a shovel
  4. If it was CMH, I can only think that he has been dry bummed by 3 PARA mortars and didn't enjoy it as much as he thought he would.
  5. Should have asked him if his Grandparents or their friends were cowards during WW2. If they had committed suicide then that little c**t wouldnt be spouting his uneducated drivel to anyone.
  6. I did consider putting him through the window, then dragging his sorry ass back into the room where the drugs trolley stood and cramming as many pills (in a various pretty colours) down the back of his neck.
    Latest news from Mrs Predator from work today, said boy getting looks from staff, and elderly patients, with one patient telling him “fuck off, im not giving you my contact details, I want someone else to get me a taxi” (quote 80 year old WW2 soldier).
  7. Good for that veteran.

    Ambush him (the nurse, not the vet) one night with a cactus and a croquet mallet
  8. You could have offered to start with his mum for giving birth to ignorant fcuk-wit and letting it live, then suggest to make him one of the patients by setting up a meeting with his forehead and a defibrillator.
  9. Sure you wern't talking to one of the inmates? He was obviously a few sandwiches short of a picnic.
  10. What hospital is it ?
  11. That'll teach you for hanging around the mental health ward.
  12. You ARE a coward PP. Fancy letting your mrs stoping you like that.

    A real man would have, in a firm but gentlemanly manner, moved his fairer half aside and said "Now, now love, this here is man's business".

    Where upon you would have unleashed a physical assault on the simpering pr1ck that was so aggressive they would have to find a name for the new level of violence witnessed, phycopathic being far too mild.

    As quickly as it had started, it would finish leaving only a big pile of bloody flesh in the centre of the room. Where upon you would gallently invite your good lady to accompany you for slap up dinner in the nearest greasy spoon.

    After a quick spritz in the nearest bogs, to remove unsightly blood and other fluids that may have been spattered over you, and of course the cold, wet paper towel to prevent bruises on your hands.

    The simpering pr1ck Ryan would have then had to ponder the imponderable "How do I stand up out of this pool of my own blood, piss and other bodily functions, with two broken arms and two broken legs and severe maximillary trauma.... And I seem to be lacking my nuts, but seem to have two horns on my head?"
  13. you can never win an argument with an idiot, i would have just decked him:pissedoff:
  14. yes i agree i should have done that, but it wasnt the place, in a ward with mentally ill elderly people, a few of them still thinking the Germans are coming, also the security cameras and guards, 4 nurses, 3 doctors, my girlfriends boss, and to add this tit being a chav in a shirt, would have pulled out all the stops with a big long court case…
    But from what I hear this lad has been very close to having two tones knocked out of him today…
  15. :thumright: He sounds like he's been defered from the selection centre too many times, classic symptoms. Jealousy being his primary motivation at not being good enough to join the WORLD's finest!!!