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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Issimondias, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. I've got to go on a week long course to Liverpool next week, I’m staying pretty centrally (Lime Street) and I was wondering if anybody can recommend some places to go for a quiet sherry in the evening time.

    Never been to the 'pool before so any advice (i.e. don't take your hubcaps etc) will be gladly received.

  2. well my personal favourite is Wetherspoons opposite St Johns Centre , good price, wide coice of drinks, regular Guest ales slots which changes fairly frequently, foreign, unusual beers on offer and the food is good too, or try LLoyds bar in concert square same company but more funky atmosphere, dance floor Big screens and similar price structure, you could go else where its gets nosier and more pricey if you like that kijnd of thing then go to Mathew Street, packed on a friday and saturday webcam link here Mathew street linky
  3. Next week is too late for Slugs trailing about the place.

    You missed your chance.

    Is the Why Not still open?
  4. if enough Arrsers live round there about or is nearby perhaps a mini piss up is in order
  5. Well I'll be in liverpool tuesday night on the lash...
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Why? Revisiting your hubcaps?

  7. Nope but i lost a bit of my car in grantham... lethal speed bump.

    Going to visit a friend doing a technical type computery masters at the university.
  8. Thanks for the timely advive folks, had a brilliant week all in all, went to Baby Cream, Revlution, The sports bar and the Dug Out behind Lime St Station, and some other places that I can't remember. Top stuff!
  9. Glad you liked it. As i think the place is a sh1t hole full of the dredge of society and the army is the best thing that ever happened!
  10. I went a few weeks ago and had the VW dust caps nicked of my Beetle....robbing bas*$&ds!!

  11. You drive a beatle??? Serves you right!
  12. These are the Car Keys scousers use
  13. anywhere round concert square, slater street etc , try the krazyhouse on wood street if ya into somethin different

    places to avoid :


    they play scouse house.. scouse house attracts ********** nowdays

    shame really coz i used to love going the 051+aquarium back in the day, both closed down now :(
  14. I thought most of them were dead?
  15. Only 50% last time I heard!!