All Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen = Royalists???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 8256Mick, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. I am a Royalist and I joined the Guards - like what my Grandad done. But being a fan of the idea of Monarchy and the sovereignty of Great Britain and N.I wasn't by any means my sole reason for joining up.
    I'd find it hard to believe that there are any Soldiers of Anti-Royal sentiment in the Household Division, but obviously couldn't guess about the wider armed forces.
    Whats the feeling on this?
    Does membership of the Armed forces automaticaly confer some 'Royalism' upon you?
  2. It used to be a tradition that officers in certain Highland regiments would make their loyal toast above a glass of water to signify that their loyalty was to 'the King over the water'. I guess that still made them Royalists, just not the House of Hanover.
  3. I'd say that it more likely confers a mistrust of politicians and that's what we'd get as Head of State in the absence of the Windsors. Imagine President Blair, Brown, Prescott, Osborne, Harperson, etc, etc. And you know they'd be three times as expensive as the Royals with more airs and graces. So for the want of a palatable alternative I'm a Royalist.
  4. I suppose it depends on what you mean as a 'Royalist' at the end of the day. If HRH decided to rally her troops in a moment of geriatric stupor against the gubberment it would be a hard call. ;)
  5. Scouse not English mate and there is only one monarch and King Kenny returned t his rightful place today ^_~
  6. I aint been a fan since the def of our diana. Queen of Hearts she woz. A perfect lurvly livin saint she woz. The lot wot remains lost all me respect over her def so they did.

    She wouldv made a lurverly Queen Mum. *sob*.
  7. The oath meant fuck all to me, as I have said before on another thread I'd have sworn allegiance to the Empire of the Sith for what it was worth to me, It was just words. It's usually someone with Stripes or (if they are any good, Pips) who shouts a lot that you follow, point being that I don't believe that by accident of birth that the Royals are my better and get all bent out of shape when a republican says that the monarchy should be abolished.
  8. To me 'Royalist' means I believe we should have a monarch. I can't imagine an Army without crowns or 'Royal Ciphers Reversed and Interlaced' on Cap stars and badges, without Royal Ciphers - Queens Colours, without HorseGuards and the Queens Bithday parade......
    If push came to shove I'd be a Cavalier anyday.
  9. Scouse not English? Is that anything to do with Irish heritage, or a Geographical proximity to Wales?
  10. I couldn't have been a Parliamentarian.... they were a boring, bible bashing self-rightious bunch of tw@ts.
  11. Funny that as both the Army and Navy were "For Parliment!"
  12. No it simply means Scouse not English
  13. I find the difference in the quality of your English in your posts amazing.