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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Maybe but how does their pay compare to CEO's of major buisineses. The report compares a soldiers wage against theirs. I wonder what the discrepency of wage is for a burger jockey in McDonalds to the Board of directors?

    I'm not saying the amounts are fair but consider what turkeys we would have in charge if the money was a lot less.
  2. David Hackworth once coined the term "perfumed princes" for American generals during and after Vietnam. Kind of ironic that we're moving towards those kinds of fellows in charge while the US under Gates is rapidly moving away from such dipshits.

    CEOs being enticed by pay packages is one thing. But if a general chooses private enterprise over the armed services because he doesn't earn more than a hundred grand a year, then by all means, he can go to hell. A man who has such priorities probably won't know or do what's best for the soldiers in his care.
  3. So if you were promoted again and again because you were the best officer in your class, would you turn the wages and 'perks' down? Would you hell!
  4. The Independent on Sunday has now published 2 articles in as many weeks about 'officer' pay and allowances. Last week they attacked boarding school allowance which they did again this week. They completely fail to acknowledge properly that a very large number of SNCO/JNCOs have their children in boarding school. This is not a privilage but rather a necessity (my son is on his 4th school in as many years). Ignorant lefty tossers.
  5. Well, this Report suggests that the top 500 Companies pay about £600,000 pa a CEO . Since I doubt very much that many of the Top 500 companies frequently struggle with defending the realm, balancing the books, or having to educate paid liars on a daily basis that does suggest that our senior officers are bloody cheap! I notice also that the Indescribably boring doesn't point out that each senior office has something like 15 to 20 years from 2nd Lt to whatever behind him... I also notice that the salary of some newspaper editor isn't used to contrast the vast salaries of the senior officers, such as Paul Dacre of the Daily Mail, who had to struggle by on a mere £1.5 Million last year poor thing....
  6. Great points.
  7. And maybe it doesn't! Its the usual bollox from some journo trying to exploit the Us versus Them that these f uckers enjoy doing.

    Are you suggesting they shouldn't be well paid? Are you suggesting they shouldn't get their pensions?

    Incidentally if they did resign on points of conscience they would still get their pension.

    And I feel really sorry that these journo scumbags have once again managed to get the families of dead Servicemen involved.
  8. I read the artical in Sundays Indy.
    The Indy is a touch left wing for Attila Will.
    I suppose it's a fact of life then when you have scrapped and scraped and most likely buried a few old comrades on your way to the top then your prone to talking the money and keeping your head down.
    Some do better for Their Men then others and I do think Gen D has stuck his neck over the paraprett more than once.
    I got 24 K and about 350 a week. Wasn't complaining at the time 1990.
  9. I think that article is a piece of crap journalism. From experience, senior commanders work bloody long hours in peacetime, let alone operational. The competition for the top slots is fierce and they tend to be damned competent individuals.

    £250K (ish) is relatively small potatoes. We are talking about the head of the services here. How much does his equivalent in banking earn? Who has the more difficult job, which "industry" is performing better?

    Scum journalism concentrating on identity politics/politics of envy.

    EDIT to add: How much does the head of his paper earn?
  10. A mate was the driver for a Major-General who was working 20 hour days in Iraq, and he was washing and feeding as well as sleeping in the other 4 hours, they do work bloody hard.
  11. A medium ranking partner of PWC, KPMG, etc earns a minimum of 1,000,000 GBP per year. As a Director at KPMG I took home over 250,000 GBP. (I no longer work in the 'Big 4' so no need to send begging letters!). The hours were sometimes long, but we always stayed in 5 star hotels and ate (and drank) extremely well.

    When I was interviewed for my Directors job at KPMG one of the partners made the comment "you will never become rich working for us". My reply was to ask him to define "rich", which he immediately gave as having an annual disposable income in excess of GBP 5,000,000. Nice.

    British senior officers? Amongst the finest and cheapest in the world, and the lefty wánkers need to be blóódy grateful that they don't lead a coup every 5 years.
  12. Agreed. But they don't only work hard, they seem to have some integrity. Some is much larger than the zero that politicians and multinational CEO's seem to have.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Shall we compare that to an equivalent number of cabinet members? No, that's unfair . . . . ok then, what about some of our MEPs . . . . no? Alrighty then, what's the remuneration package of the disgraced 'LORD' Mandelson . . . . . . no? NHS executives whilst people are dying from bugs that should not be in our hospitals, say, the one that just got fired from the Kent NHS trust and who used to be the person in charge of cleaning . . . . . no? Hmmmm, top cops from all the UK police forces, perhaps we could add that up . . . . . . oh, c'mon, be fair . . . . right then, what about the top guys in the UK Fire Service?

    I could go on for weeks, and that's not even the private sector!!!
  14. Takes the piss doesn't it? Some twat has a go at the head of the armed forces but fail to bother comparing it to relevant jobs.