all r8 lads new recruit

all r8 lads well just ant to say thanks to the site and all the members as i have been following the site for a while.
been reading a lot even b4 i went ADSC in think was end ov november helped me a lot and i passed that and got a B grade.
just recently got my army number through and cant wait to get in there on the 21st of march.
cheers guys its a good place too look for tips.
joining scotts gaurds :)


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If you've been following the site then you'll know the rules about Text Speak. ie, DON'T DO IT!!!

Also, you're not joining scotts guards, or even scott's guards. It's the Scots Guards. Spell that bit wrong and they'll chew you up!

That aside, welcome, and well done for passing ADSC. Good luck in training. Tread the threads and get an idea of what you've got coming to you.


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Well between now and March you can always brush up on your language skills. Spelling "SCOTS" with 2 "T's" is likely to earn you a beasting or two.

Oh, and try to avoid txtspk on this site - it infuriates grammar/language nazi's (like me).

Best of luck for basic, and the rest of your career in the Woodentops.

editted for mong finger disease.
Mr_Fingerz said:
Oh, and try to avoid txtspk on this site - it infuriates grammar/language nazi's (like me).

editted for mong finger disease.
You can't be a very good Nazi or you'd have given the apostrophe a miss. And spelt "edited" properly. Maybe you're just not a spelling/punctuation Nazi?


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I am, I just suffer from "Mong Finger Disease".
Head down, work hard, keep your mouth shut and your ears open, and if you pass out, as said above, "welcome to the family".
and thanks for the welcome lads,allready have an idea of what to expect as i have a few mates in scots at the moment.
but yea its always nice reading up on here,always been the sort to push my self and just figured what better way.
oh and advice taken i am the guy who knows to keep his mouth shut and listen,after all you are there to be trained.
that aside im shure there should be some good laughs :D
Please learn some english grammar it will make your posts less infuriating.
But apart from that good luck with your chosen career.
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