'All Quiet on the Sangin Front:' Top Jarhead

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Andy_S, May 15, 2011.

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  1. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    USMC Commandant praises his lads for quieting Sangin. Has their aggressive approach worked...?

    The Commandant went on to assure Marines that he knew the good work they were doing in Sangin and had been tracking the goings on even after their holiday visit.

    The 35th Commandant of the Marine Corps went on to paint a picture to the Marines of what Marjah had been like in February 2010 when Operation Moshtarak launched and the heavy fighting that ensued. He compared that to how Sangin is and then compared it to the other areas where 1/5 had fought.

    Amos reminded Marines that every place 1/5 has deployed to, in both Iraq and Afghanistan, have fallen out of the public eye due to their efforts within a year.

    “Here is my prediction: a year from now we will be somewhere else and people will say things like ‘when was the last time anyone reported anything bad up in Sangin Valley?’” said the proud commander.

    DVIDS - News - CMC, Sangin Marines bid farewell to SMMC