all quiet in Helmand province

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by mm1306, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. What has happened in Afghanistan? I remember we used to be constantly hearing British dying today. But I can't remember the last death we heard(but I checked it was on 18th Nov) and I might look foolish if one dies while I write this. Maybe Britain is winning and the Taliban are reeling or maybe it is more wounded. If anyone could say what's happening I would be interested.
  2. You have joined today just to ask that rather than turning on the TV FFS
  3. A fairly macabre first post, and one which is pretty offensive.

    Our blokews being killed is not necessarily indicator of the heaviness of fighting.

    Be careful as to the way you post in future.
  4. I do not imply any disrespect(and it was wrong of me to say that one might have died while I was writing this but I didn't mean it as a joke) to those out there, it must surely still be very dangerous out there and it probably reflects well on those out there if there is less fighting but it does seem odd to me that the British death rate has lowered and maybe it means that Britain has acheived allot out there despite what we read in the papers.
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    It is going into winter - fighting will decrease as the weather will make operations for both sides, very difficult.
  6. you don't look foolish - you look a proper cnut.

  7. Your a CNUT of the highest order and obviously not serving, fcuk off back to Fleet street you have something to write now. :evil:
  8. Never a truer word spoken IRON.

    You, Sir, are a waste of oxygen.
  9. I suggest if you want to claw your way in to everyones good books mm1306 is to first appologise and then donate money to the British Legion, Help for Heros or another charity along those lines.
  10. What a FUDD ...unbelievable
  11. I, like a lot of others on here have friends serving there at the moment, everytime there's a news article or a new post on the afgan news thread I view it with dread. I admit I've been guilty of a sigh of relief when I realise the article doesn't involve british forces, that is immidiatley followed by a sense of guilt.

    You sir are a cnut, fcuk off back to lala land and watch the A team movies were no-one dies and the good guys always win.
  12. What a fcuking tw@t.

    Thank fcuk the winter is coming and the lads can have a bit of a rest
  13. Are you serious? "one dies"? What do you mean by "if one dies".

    In future, please just commit yourself to lurking on these boards - most of us do not want you here.

  14. Me too, I dread hearing the news. Breaks my heart every time I hear someone has lost their life.

    Think before you write in future.