All purpose Compo Seasoning

First get a small jar (I use a Swartz Spice jar)

Then add;(To taste)

Chili Flakes
Paprika (sweet)
Garlic Powder
Grated Parmasan Cheese
Black Pepper

What's your compo 'enhancer'


Haven't seen them since coming back from Germany, but I used to carry one of those little plastic compartmented jars with a variety of dried spices in it.

Or a bottle of Tabasco.
Bring back salt in ration packs. :D

I would like to enhance mine with a nice bottle of Rioja but I find it's best accompanied by sipping tepid or luke warm water from an issue water bottle. :wink:
What's wrong with the old all-in-one? Nothing beats Corned Beef Hash, mixed with Cream of Chicken Powder, Biscuits Brown, and Vegetable Soup? If I really wanted to treat myself, I'd even throw some screech into the mix.


when i was OC's driver, on the bulkhead above the back door of the old 'series 3',was a row or terri-clips,(just, by some bizarre coincidence,the perfect size for Schwartz jars!) ideal for your own, combat catering spice rack!
I know a Para/SAS bloke who had the mixed herbs and oregano in with the chilli powder and curry, and he was relying on this s*** for long periods.

I can't help but think splitting "hot" from "herb" has got to be worth the effort.

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