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the mail has a very upbeat article on wakefield nick. shipman hung himself there and many other famous crims have been attacked old charlie bronson is there again and he is famous for attacking other inmates.

some said he gave mopping up due to the abuse he was getting.


something about the travellers was due to them chucking a load of money at the funeral fund which wasn't spent as it should have been. like his plan to flog the tribute toys.
He might actually suffer inside (now there is a nice thought)....still cannot get over his absolute callousness (including his toerag wife) who only saw dollar signs and a party paid for by the funeral of 6 close friends/kin.

His revelling in the limelight and acting like a media star.

It would also be quite nice if he fessed up and just told it like it is a foolish act of the extreme which resulted in a tragedy and all he thought about was dodging the bullet and naff all else.

He is unique and a cnut of the highest order.
Perhaps he was told that as a newbie, it was his turn to be Daddy.... and come suck all the Mummies dicks.......
Have you ever been to Skye? It a miserable windblown place full of "adventurous walkers" wearing more gear than an Everest expedition. Also it costs a bloody fortune to get there and apart from some decent places to eat and drink occasional good entertainment of the mad ceiledh type like Wales it has always rained when I went there. So save yer money avoid it.

or did you mean Sky the tele people (feels daft walks away muttering)
I love Skye, mind it was on the way to a Benbecula piss up, I mean firing camp
Maread, 36, said if she had not had met her husband 'her babies would still be with her and she I wouldn't be sat here.'

Your shallow grip of cause and effect have let you down again.

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