All new recruits to go to Inf

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cutaway, Jul 18, 2004.

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  3. Lousy idea because......

  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    All new recruits to join an Infantry Regiment for the first couple of years of their service, then to transfer to a Corps if they wish.

    Not saying if I agree with the idea or not, but it would give us a 'soldier first, tradesman second' army.

    It came up while chatting with a few mates and would be interested in hearing further comments......
  2. Head over parapet time.........Your idea is not new..I believe we already work on that principle! And the Army needs tradesmen because people need things and break things and want to be looked after. I see some merit in the idea....but the soldier first line is likely to act as a red rag!! 8)
  3. This approach may well scare a few potential recruits off. Also, females, what would you do with them? In all, not a bad idea though. Can't see it catching on.
  4. I do quite like the idea, but look at the training overhead. You've got to train an individual to be a good infantry man, then in a couple of years, retrain them in their new trades. Cant see the bean counters going for it.

    If we need better soldier skills, why not concentrate on making basic training longer and more useful?

  5. 'course you would only need to retrain the survivors...
  6. What would we do with them? I know! Clear all the male clerks out of the AGC and replace them with the women. That'll ensure that wimmin do wimminz work.

    It's a Jessies job anyway.
  7. Sounds like a excellent idea. All my best allround operators are ex-reg (any corps) or exTA infantry - all the NCOs that are flying up the ranks are also ex TA Inf.

    For the TA I believe that all recruits should be only trained by TA infantry (and they should remain classed as Inf for at least one year).
    The only problem is they'll all want to remain infantry.
  8. B-b-b-but chaps, steady on! What about the cavilwy?
  9. I am attached to an elite (sorry, but I can't spell crap!) inf bn, I see recruits coming in, but use the easy exit of CDT to get out. Are they recruitng for the sake of numbers of quantity these days? Mmmm, I go the arse in the door and get those targets up! :twisted:
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Eh ?
  11. I'd like two pints of what Shrek's Dad has obviously just had. And an interpreter.
  12. Hey that's not a bad idea really, hmmm..... but what can we do with the women - ah yes i have a good idea lets form a Womens Royal Army Corp and put them all in that with their own cap badge and let them do all the clerk, driver, static comms type jobs. Then all the blokes could go straight into basic training and do the common miltary syllabus fro recruits. :lol:
  13. It's wot the Gurkas and Marines do!
  14. Maybe basic training should revolve round the big C monkey - everyone would zone into you and the big C would become the matrix. I know you'll never accept anything less, and your sat in a high backed lether chair stroking a white cat :wink:

    In house joke guys, sorry
  15. The marines spend thousands training young men to fight, to win the green beret. and then post them and train them as VMs, clerks, Store people.

    What a waste of money. and good manpower. While posted at CLR I saw many good marines leave because they felt they were wasted and wanted to be with the commando units, and do what they had trained to do.

    Just because a VM wears an RM capbadge does not make him a better mechanic than a REME VM so why the extra cost.

    But if rifleman Smith from 2 inf battalion knackers himself. why cant he retrade into a different role within the battalion like VM and move with the battalion.

    I can see the reasoning behind it but let the infanteers do the fighting, the VMs the fixing and the Cooks for burning.