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This is the brand new Pilgrim FG GTX model based on the AKU Pilgrim M2 GTX. Trekitt were instrumental in getting this boot on the issue list and we are immensely proud that a boot we originally designed in partnership with AKU is now officially recognised by the MOD.

The Pilgrim FG (FG stands for full grain, as in the leather used on the lace placket) provides a supportive and stable platform for Combat High Liability duties. Breathability and quick drying have been massively improved thanks to the new Gore-Tex Performance Lining System that’s made up of a perforated EVA interliner and lighter weight low absorption lining material. In tests, the Pilgrim FG GTX absorbed 50% less water than conventionally constructed Gore-Tex lined boots.

This new FG version features a Vibram Black Nitrile sole unit that makes it more resistant to fuels, chemicals, oil and acids. The Nitrile sole also provides improved resistance to high temperatures whilst still providing grip and stability across a wide variety of terrain.

The key to the comfort and support of the Pilgrim FG GTX is the tried and tested AKU Internal Midsole System which uses an anatomically shaped 3D midsole that mimics the natural foot shape. Normally midsoles are flat and offer no support to the foot, only dictating the stiffness of the boot. With an IMS 3D midsole the foot is cradled in a relaxed position, therefore, reducing fatigue and minimising foot movement. Above the IMS midsole is a layer of high-density EVA, this protects the user from loading forces particularly when carrying heavy packs and provides a layer of protective support for foot rather than it resting on a hard material. Below the IMS midsole is a thicker layer of high-density EVA which absorbs impact forces from the ground.

The original Pilgrim has proved itself on duty and in operation and became the boot of choice for specialist armed forces and emergency services throughout the world. The new Pilgrim FG GTX MOD carries on that legacy and introduces improved breathability and drying times. Click the BUY NOW button and get yours today
  • New Gore-Tex Performance Lining System for enhanced breathability and quick drying
  • Gore-Tex performance membrane, 100% waterproof
  • IMS - Internal Midsole System for support and stability
  • Vibram Nitrile sole – resistant to contamination with grip and impact absorption FG

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