All men must have one...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Proximo, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. ...of these!


    Order yours here!

    Or not.
  2. Why were you looking on a website for gay mens underwear?
  3. Why the fcuk would I want my bits any further forwards, isn't half a metre far enough?
  4. Proximo,

    Do you need a wheelbarrow to go with this appliance..?
  5. Does it come with a matching Shirt Lifter?
  6. the wrist?
  7. WTF!? Is that so you can stick it further up your RSM's a-hole?
  8. I think i have seen you on the tv in The Dragons Den, trying to advertise this sh1te...They gave you fcuk all so you are trying to promote it here aint you...?
  9. But why? Why??
  10. Maybe Proximo is just curious?
  11. Hhmmmm. Can't really see the point, but women have the "Sheepdog" (round 'em up and point 'em forward) bra; So why not the same principle for the scrotum?
  12. Although, logically, I know it wouldn't, I have visions of this contraption performing as a catapult if the wearer gets an erection. Just fancied sharing that image.
  13. Thanks, Bovvy, but I can do without such images...

  14. It's definitely a good idea for those with big balls giving them the support they need. I've always wondered if it is uncomfortable having them hanging down - I mean now that boxers are more popular I think Y fronts where probably better for them.
  15. I prefer mine up close and personal thanks, also the body heat reduces motility, helpig to stamp out the chances of little me's popping up every now and again. Always embarrasing when that happens.