All men is b*stards

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by goddess, Nov 28, 2004.

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  1. They are an all. :evil: :evil:
  2. I'm not! 8)
  3. that remains to be seen, dont it luvver? :wink:

    i thought i had found myself a nice man in green, but he was a liar, he said he done parachuting and explosives and stuff, buut all he did was change wheels on lanrovers. he turned out to be married an all :twisted: :twisted:

    any way, we girlzz dont need men, we can look after each other very nicley thank you!!!! so what do you think, any of you army girlzz want a taste of the goddess??????????????????
  4. Yes, yes it does, you naughty girl! I'm just off for a wannk, back later.
  5. This was the 'Real man' you were referring to when you were calling all Aircrew gay boys?

    Quality... hope he plugged your starfish and robbed your tele :D :D
  6. he might not of been perfekt, but he is still more of a man than youll ever be luvver. :wink:
  7. I can live with that.....

    The thought of him bluffing his way into you your enormous 'Tescos' piss stained knickers makes me howl with laughter.

    And why would you call me luvver.. I'd rather mount a box of dead otters than throw one up your festering fish socket :D
  8. Sorry to be a complete bore and come across teacherish ..... but grammar ..... all men ARE b*stards, not is ........

    End of lesson, go play.

  9. Yes, but Goddess is pretending to be an ignorant gipper.
  10. oh........ is she pretending?
  11. Yes, though feck knows why. Maybe she's Blonde_bint?

    Funny that she can spell 'parachuting' and 'explosives' but then spells 'perfekt' with a k etc.

    I mean, she's very probably a fat, sweaty, spotty-arsed gipper with genital warts, but she's certainly pretending that she can't spell and punctuate.
  12. Pretending? :?

    I think she may well get the ignorant gipper of the week award. All those in favour??
  13. I like her,
    she has spunk!

    Go Goddess they all is b*stards!

    Beebs :wink:
  14. Spunk? She ony had to ask
  15. :lol: