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All men are equal unless....... they are married

Why is it that a singlie is only entitled to 6m2 MFO when posted/arms plotting but a pad is entitled to 10X that amount regardless of length of service, rank, or how long they have been married? :mad:


A pad being a pad has the burden of a (usually not inconsiderable) wife & any number of rat- children.
    Ten MFO boxes would be sub-divided into the following ratio of  1:2:7, distributed thus:

  1 box for husband containing 1157 & rapidly dwindling
  supply of will to live

  2 boxes for rat-boy consisting mainly of selection of
  screwdrivers for twoccing cars on the patch & his
  impressive collection of gobby ripostes when politely
  asked to do something

 7 boxes for wife containing a myriad collection of never
 used exercise machines, Ron Hills, stilettoes,loud-hail-
 ers, superkings,boxing gloves & well thumbed plans of
 singley blocks everywhere. ;)

As for you, how much room does a play station,porn collection & kit stolen from the drying room take up? ;D
For information goodrcmo is a PAD with a substantial wife, two rat girls and one rat boy. The singlie involved in this case is another person in my unit.  My question was aimed at anyone in the know who has also read the army Equal Opportunities Statement which promises "not to descriminate against race, religion, sex, MARITAL STATUS ...etc".
Surely this policy of Pads MFO allowance being so much greater than that of a singlie is blatant descrimination.

For example, the singlie could be a 20yr WO with his own personal belongings living in service accomodation where as the PAD could be a 20 yr old Pte just married with no rat boys or girls but he gets 67.9 cubic metres.  Therefore the singlie, to me anyway, looks like he is being descriminated against purely because he is single!

Thanks for the reply KF_Shirt but next time RTFQ!


I think it's like most things in the army:
Most singlies don't need 67.9m3 of MFO, they need 6m3. Rather than waste money on contracts for space they'll never need, the MoD set a 'reasonable' limit, so singlies know in advance of purhases how much room they'll have on their next move.  I know plenty of pads who think 67m3 isn't enough!  
Let's face it, the army tells you what is available, if it isn't up to requirements, get the singlies to do something other than whinge - Gems will give you £50 for any ideas you have, or perhaps a letter to the appropriate SO at MoD will do it...


Why also is it that a 37+ pad living in during the week gets free accom, reduced food and get you home pay whereas a 37+ soldier who is unmarried does not receive the benefits?


War Hero
Why also is it that a 37+ pad living in during the week gets free accom, reduced food and get you home pay whereas a 37+ soldier who is unmarried does not receive the benefits?

Because a 37 + pad is paying off a mortgage and is trying to get some stability for his children's education at a critcial stage of their education. Furthermore his wife's is trying to restart her career after having children and prior to him leaving the Army to ensure a smooth financial transition into the civilian world.
Well Ramilies, I take it from your post that you assume that 37+ Singlies do not have mortgages ???! whilst we're on the subject, i'll bring up the some of the tired old arguements! Why is it that PADs of all ranks think that it is reasonable, no their right, to bugger off early and get the odd "gash" day of because they had to take the kids to school...or whatever! I think the best one was when I got dicked to cover a Pads duty, dicked by another Pad I must add, so he could take his wife to the dentist! The said pad who I covered for told me his wife didn't like driving in big towns!! Salisbury ..ooooh scary!! The next week she drove up to North...
   At the end of the day both have taken the queens shilling, and yes i understand that pads have more baggage, in more ways than one, than Singlies. But if all the pads out there, can put their hands on thier hearts and say they haven't had an easier time getting time off and they get dicked at weekends for duties, where someone hasn't turned up, on equal basis then fair play!
 As a "whinging" singlie I do get quite wound up with these "stinking" pads assuming that all singlies are sad and have no lives just because we haven't, yet, felt the urge to get married and have obnoxious, sweeping generalisation I know, kids!

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