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Apologies if this is in wrong place I have just joined this site and want to ask question about medical when joining army. My son wants to join and despite me looking at the jsp thingummy I am still not sure ... He was prescribed 1 course dexamethasone for breathlessness 11 years ago aged 10 for suspected croup by gp who was Spanish. Never had any since never had athsma or been diagnosed with anything or ever been back for same problem if this is an oral steroid is this an automatic no? Should I ask doctor to add note to file or just wait n see what army say first? Thanks
Once 4 years clear of all treatment and symptoms there is no issue at all.

He’ll be fine.
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So guys I have had another call from the Drs. They latest is so they said they sent everything they had and said it may of been split in the post or sorting process. 'Not unheard of' They have now printed off my electronic medical records 83 pages I will collect that today before 1900.

Would i then send it off or can I email the medical admin team email I have used in the past. The quickest most efficient way to get me on 2 day assesment and PRAC before xmas is the aim as there will be to my knowledge and my Drs knowledge he was ex medical team of some sort in the army before.
Help where you can
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Unless you’ve been specifically told to email stick to what has been asked of you. That way you don’t risk it disappearing into the ether.

Make a copy of your notes this time.

It’s pretty unlikely you’ll be loaded on before Christmas.
Unless you’ve been specifically told to email stick to what has been asked of you. That way you don’t risk it disappearing into the ether.

Make a copy of your notes this time.

It’s pretty unlikely you’ll be loaded on before Christmas.
Ok thankyou, should be an interesting read tonight when I get back 80 pages of my own medical records.

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Morning All - quick question - I know that the JSP950 states that a candidate must be a year clear from their last operation but does anyone know/have experience of whether this is as clear cut (pun intended) as it states? I've recently had a tenolysis on an old scar on my hand (re-open the scar, cut away old scar tissue to help the tendon move more easily). There has been no recovery time as such. Had the stitches out after 2 weeks and now that the scabs have healed I'm allowed to go back to training/full function. Does a letter from my surgeon to confirm this bear any weight in an appeal - if/when rejected - or do I simply just have to wait a year? Many thanks!
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Aren’t you P8 due to dyspepsia anyway @GeorgiiKS ?

Re your scabby hand- As long as you have full range of movement and no ongoing pain then you shouldn't have any problems. Copies of letters from your orthopaedic surgeon to your GP should be sufficient.

But it’s one of those queries that only a doctor, in possession of your full medical records can advise for sure.

The twelve month wait after surgery is the norm & unlikey to change.
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Aren’t you P8 due to dyspepsia anyway @GeorgiiKS ?

Re your scabby hand- As long as you have full range of movement and no ongoing pain then you shouldn't have any problems. Copies of letters from your orthopaedic surgeon to your GP should be sufficient.

The twelve month wait after surgery is the norm & unlikey to change.
I appealed the dyspepsia rejection having seen a gastro specialist who confirmed I never had dyspepsia nor was I ever diagnosed as such. Now just awaiting the outcome.

Re the scabby hand - just thinking long term ATM if my appeal was upheld would the op hold me up further. I have full movement, no pain, scar has healed nicely and my plastics surgeon has confirmed that in his opinion it's strong and good to go!
Normally the year soak period after surgery is to negate post-operative complications. With this being so minor it may be fine with the appropriate surgerons clinical opinion.
I got deffered for being 2kg underweight got to wait 3 months now. Sad days.
You have misunderstood what you were told.

The ACC write to your GP and requests one (or two)documents.
If you are likely to attend Pirbright they will request your PHCR (Primary Health Care Record), in effect your full medical records, including hospital notes etc.

If you are likely to attend any other AC, they will also request the RGMD, which is the Recruiting Group Medical Declaration, an 11 page form that your GP is required to fill in.

The GP will the post these back to the NRC.

YOU dont need to get anything filled in.

It will, of course, help if you go an see your GP and "encourage" him or her to fill it in and return it asap.
Thanks mate I called up the GP and was told that they sent the Medical record. Now waiting to hear back from the recruiter.
Worth noting that although frustrating your GP surgery really isn’t going to prioritise your medical questionnaire & in the grand scheme of things couldn’t care less how long it takes. Your little application is insignificant to them.

They all get done eventually so be patient.

Let’s look at the big picture here waiting rooms are being clogged up with idiots with minor illnesses when they could get advice from someone else like a chemist or NHS 111.

A 'normal' day for a GP is now what- 14 hours long, seeing over 50 patients a day, with more telephone appointments & home visits than they can manage. Endless blood results and tests to review. Endless referral forms and endless people in some form of mental heath meltdown.

If you have applied to join & are capable you’ll get a start date eventually. Stressing about it is a waste of time.

Always worth keeping perspective.
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Recorded delivery to wiltshire NRC today before 1300 tomorrow. Hopefully they will start where they left off. And we can get the ball actually rolling...
Has anyone had to appeal a decision? How did it go?
I have just been told I am permanently medically unfit due to a recurring chest pain I used to get. I have only had 1 episode in 5-6 years, but it was something I got every winter for 3-4 years starting 10-11 years ago.

I don't like the fact I am judged on paperwork with no interest in hearing individual circumstances.
I currently partake in HIIT training every Monday and I am training for an MMA fight twice a week. I probably train 4-5 hours a week currently at a very high intensity with absolutely no issues. In fact I feel the fittest I have since leaving the army 11 years ago so it is disheartening to hear something that happened ages ago and no longer affects me, can now make me permanently medically unfit :'(

I have booked an appointment with my GP but would like some info on how the appeal works.
AFAIK I need to get the GP to say it doesn't affect me anymore and get them to say I am fit for service? Then send that off with a cover letter to the address I was given.
Your appeal needs to show why they should change their minds based on evidence, not the opinion of your GP. A detailed history of what you had, when you had it, how long since you have suffered from it and especially any new evidence they have not been able to consider before.

Based on that, they will decide if you fit within the required standards. Just saying you don't have it now, and that your GP thinks that you are fit for service won't help.
See thats why i thought i would ask as the woman on the phone made it sound like all I needed was my GPs opinion which didnt sound like enough.
How long were you in before & when did you leave?

From what you’ve described you might very well have Asthma.

It can be complex and take time to diagnose in an adult. This is because everyone’s asthma is different.

Dukes spot on- your GP can further add clarification to avoid ambiguity but standards are standards and you are failing to reach those with whatever is going on in your chest. The fact they are not satisfied with a four years clear claim says a lot about your chances.

You may need referral for respiratory investigation.

All too often bods appeal because they simply don't agree with the medical standards, but they are non-negotiable.

Reading behind the pretty obvious medical lines I don’t think you’ll be wheezing yourself through basic any time soon.

Good luck with the appeal- but manage your expectations.
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I was last in 12 years ago.
I think I remember it was once called costacondritis, I very much doubt it is asthma, I have never has breathing issues nor have I ever needed an inhaler. It has never been caused by excercise as far as I remember either. Everytime I used to get it it was in winter and it may be coincidental but hasnt happened since I stopped smoking.
I am not appealing because I disagree with the standards, I am appealing because what they failed me on doesnt accurately represent the issue I had. The gave me this reason "JSP 950 Part 1 Lft 6-7-7" which mentions "The candidate should be assessed for any pain, or instability, particularly on or exacerbated by activity comparable with military training or Service."
When I had the issue it was uncomfortable but never inhibited my ability to do excercise. At the time it was happening I worked as a labourer and played 5-a-side football, I didnt stop when I got the chest pain, I went to the docs to make sure it wasnt anything serious.
Like I said its been almost half a decade since it last happened and I currently train pretty hard with no issues and have been working as a labourer too
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Sorry to hear that.

Did this flair after your army service? How long did you serve- there is relevance to this question, don’t worry I’m not just making small talk.

For incredibly obvious reasons respiratory problems are a common cause of medical unsuitability to join.

Costochondritis can only be managed not cured.
The gamble for those making a decision isn’t an issue of permanent health problems, but the risk relapse. Anything that ends in “itis” means inflammation of some form. And inflammatory issues can always be re triggered and resurface.

Guidance says it can be aggravated by any activity that places stress on your chest area, such as strenuous exercise or even simple movements like reaching up above your head like rope climbing.

Generally speaking there's no shortage of similarly-placed blokes wishing to re-join & many are still perfectly fit to be soldiers, you aren’t. So your former service doesn’t mean a great deal.

Getting knocked-back at medical, for whatever reason, is a hard pill to swallow if you are trying to rejoin and I feel for you but be prepared to dust yourself off and look for a job elsewhere.

I once had the displeasure of having to deal with a self-induced casualty in the middle of a contact in a lovely little Kalay called Loy Mandeh (anyone else have the joy of this place?)

It later transpired that this lad, not long out of catters, had managed to slip through a net with a childhood respiratory issue. If anyone recalls the clusterf*ck it was during the op to turn one of the compounds into a TCP, the one only just across from CP Karim. Shudder.

Anyway this bloke compromised not only his own safety but his oppos! We ended up having to request a PEDRO (Too hot for MERT) to evac him following a 9 liner. Whilst this mong lay on his back wheezing and sputtering as our multiple dodged UGLs. So it’s a subject close to my heart. It is lessons like this that can’t be forgotten.

Regardless of your lovely MMA training in a nice gym, squaddies still operate in extrermes of climate and altitude, often without medical cover at the limits of physical endurarance.

Like I said good luck but I wouldn’t bet much money on you coming back.
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