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Since I left in 1993 I’ve had a War Pension which covered prescription’s for related injuries, I’m now 63 and until recently I have had Voltorol Gel for one particular injury, my local Doctors’s Pharmacy have declined my latest prescription for Voltorol stating it’s now buy over the counter, my wife actually gets it on prescription as she pre-pays for prescription’s, I got in contact with War pension agency who said they couldn’t help. Anybody else come across this before.

not the right thread as this is for potential recruits
Yes chronic back pain im appealing against,
Very difficult to argue this one.... I'm in the process of appealing, I suffered back pain 1 year ago, JSP 950 "any history of sciatic pain with or without back pain p8." I recieved a note from my GP that states i never had sciatic pain, they then rejected this again with the JSP 950 "back pain lasting longer than 12 weeks"
It didnt last longer than 12 weeks, it was around 8 weeks, at my army selection I said it was "around" April, turns out it was the end of may. But that puts it at longer than 12 weeks..... so just sent my letter of appeal off again they're abit funny with back pain!
Interesting - I thought the RGMD form included actual access to the scanned files - is it just the GP's response to the questions?

Hey guys, would appreciate some advice! Currently going through the process of joining the reserve and just had my medical questionnaire done with my GP the other day. I had a visit in March following a relationship breakup and the doctor on duty (not my normal GP) gave me anti depressants and a referral for some counseling.

When he was filling out my questionnaire, he opened up my medical history. Was scanning through it, writing bits and bobs down. He looked at the incident in March and said to me, 'That was just a relationship breakup, you're entitled to feel down after that. They don't need to know about it.' I was a bit shocked, but now I'm a bit perplexed at what to do?

Do I inform them that he's deliberately left stuff off the questionnaire or do I just roll with what hes said on the questionnaire?
Atopic dermatitis. Conditions diagnosed as eczema should also be included in this category. A history of atopic .dermatitis is considered to increase the likelihood of irritant contact dermatitis on exposure to irritants (such as oils, greases, detergents) but usually only if the condition was severe in childhood and particularly if it involved the hands. Candidates with a history of atopic dermatitis within the last 3 years should normally be graded P8 For candidates who have been symptom free for over 3 years, the presence of the following risk factors should be considered:
a. Functional impairment120.

b. Dermatitis of the hand(s). c. Secondary care involvement121. If none of the above factors are present, the candidate may be graded P2. If any of the above is present, the candidate should be referred to the single-Service Consultant Occupational Physician responsible for recruit selection for more detailed consideration
Do you know if this applies to flexural dermatitis as well, i had a look through my medical records and i had a appointment once for flexural dermatitis. This meaning it was not a chronic condition, it was also on my leg. This was when i was a 1 year old and im not 17 and a half looking to apply to the raf soon, am i eligible to join? Any reply is appreciated.

I'm 17 and wish to go to sandhurst.

I had flat feet when in 2013 and was prescribed custom orthotics (insoles). According to my medical record, I experienced pain when exercising, but not at rest. This is true, however, it is 2019, I still wear my orthotics, however do not require them. I do not wear them when i run or exercise and I do not experience any pain AT ALL when I dont wear them. I have been on DofE, Cadet Cambrian Patrol and Camping expeditions in the Lake District without the orthotics and i have not experienced any pain.

I attempted to apply in september 2018, however decided to stop due to my mother being diagnosed with Cancer. I will attempt to apply in September 2020. I am aware that i was deferred and on what grounds, and i will appeal when i apply again. As far as i am aware, I need:

i) a letter from my GP, stating that i was prescribed the orthotics and the reason as to why.
ii)A cover letter stating that i am appealing.
iii)A letter stating why i am appealing.
iv)A letter from a medical professional relating to the field which corresponds my medical "issue" (a podiatrist).
v)Proof that i can function effectively without insoles, and that i no longer experience pain due to my flat feet.

Is there anything i have missed, and is there anyone on this forum who has experienced the same problem (although unlikely)? Any thoughts on the possible outcome of this appeal? are the people im appealing to even human?

Thanks all,
Hey everyone, I have a question about the best course of action for me to take.

I've been looking at joining the army since I was a kid, specifically the paras and now at the age of 22 I've managed to get my body in pretty good shape. (1.5 mile in 8:23 and decent upper and lower body strength from 5 years of lifting)

so I'm ready to start the recruitment process and won't have any red flags (criminal record, debt etc) apart from one...

when I was about 16 i got diagnosed with a benign essential tremor, I've checked the guidelines and it's not listed but some anecdotal posts have said people have been rejected for it.

Now my tremor doesn't actually effect me anymore at all, my hands are as steady as the average person (cut out caffeine and spent years doing heavy isometric holds that have pretty much cured it)

The problem being that it's on my medical records and by all accounts the doctors from capita are absolute idiots turning away thousands of people each year for the most ridiculous of reasons.

Now as it's pretty much cured I was thinking of getting my GP to write me a waiver saying it won't effect my ability to serve but i m dubious about whether or not they'll even bother taking it into account and just instantly throw me out...

The only other option I can think of is to try and remove it from my medical records.

If anyone knows anymore about whether it would disqualify me or what my best next move would be that would be much appreciated.



by all accounts the doctors from capita are absolute idiots turning away thousands of people each year for the most ridiculous of reasons.
I'm no apologist for Capita, but the clinical staff who make the decisions on candidate's records are highly trained medical professionals who make decisions based on the rules laid down by the Ministry of Defence.

They are also regularly audited by the Army to ensure that their decisions are correct.

As I've said in other posts, just because you dont like a decision doesnt make it the wrong decision.
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