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Evening gents,

Need some help with a med issue. I've been downgraded for nearly 3 years. I have been through the physio chain, RRU, scans ect and have still not got a proper diagnosis. It's a back issue and seems to baffle the docs/physio but they keep sending me to to different people and I'll continue to do whatever they recommend (they know more than me) but I've put in a claim in AFCS anyway because it's a career ender for me I think. The thing is I'm stuck unable to promote but still able to do my job (Signals tech) for the most part. The CoC are reluctant to go down the med discharge route even because although I'm often in pain/discomfort, I can still sit at a computer. My question is can I force them to consider med discharge or is it entirely at their discretion? I've decided I can't be the BIFF anymore so am looking at getting out but think I deserve the benefits of medical discharge because I will likely have issues for the rest of my life. Spoke to RCMO and others but as soon as I mention leaving they just tell me how much I'll be missing out on rather than answering my questions.

Appreciate any advice.


Just a quick question. I have recently been medically deferred due to suffering a migraine in April 2018. I have been told the earliest date i can reaaply is April 2020 once i have been symptom free of migraines for 2 years. Come april 2020, when i reapply, is there a chance my application could be rejected once again due to the migraines, or once the two years is up will i be 100% good to go assuming i am otherwise fit and well? Thanks
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So after having my deferral approved by an MO and then the RGMD being sent I was told that it all needs to go to the CMO, they sent it back for review again by the MO at litchfied and now I’m being told I either need a specialist medical or a letter which Capita can’t tell me what I till the MO informs them so I have to wait.

Anyone had this happen to them or any advice?

I had as ASD repair after failing the medial in 2016 and after over 12 months free from surgery and following the deferral to the letter and provided consultants and Dr’s letter. I have read the JSP 950 and according to that I have sone what it says
I will be doing my briefing soon and then hopefully invited to assessment. I asked my mum what she can remember of my medical history as well as what i remember

When I was 6 or so I was diagnosed with mild ADHD. I have never been prescribed medicine and after diagnosis I haven’t really had any further appts with drs apart from using SENCO at school. Will this be an issue?

When I was 9 I had a twisted testicle, I had emergency surgery which corrected it and haven’t had any issues since.

Broken my wrist twice but never required surgery always healed within 6 weeks.

will any of these prevent me from joining? Worried something minor will cause me issue joining so appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks in advance
Evening everyone
I have had my army medical differed for 8 months and I am hoping to join AFC Harrogate in September but in a trade role. Anyone know if it be possible for me to do selection and choose my job role before my medical is overturned?


March 23rd, 2018 I was medically deferred for a burst ear drum. The paperwork says that I am graded a p8 but can be graded p2 in no less than 3 months from spontaneous healing or surgery to repair it. The paperwork advises to discuss with GP and includes instructions on how to appeal. My GP and specialist says the hole in the ear drum is no longer there and has been healed for over 3 months. Now my questions are, is it too late to write to the medical team at Glencorse barracks with my appeal letter with evidence from gp and specialist? What would the next step to be taken after the medical receives my letter? Would I have to reapply? Is my URN expired? Any idea behind the timeframes, understanding the variables?


it's not what you believe you had, it's what your medical records state medical professionals believed you had.

when was your last episode? How many have you had? when did they start? do you know what triggered them?
Sorry for the late reply, i received my records on my epilepsy yesterday. In my records it does state they believed I had benign rolandic epilepsy, i don't know the exact number of fits but it was atleast around 3-5. They started around the ages 4/5. No specification on any actual trigger. Tho my last noted history of it was in 2009. Haven't been seen about it, nor been on medication for it since then.

I'm currently waiting on my message from the medical administration team on what I need to do next to appeal.
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I was hoping someone could give me some advice on this.

I applied to join the infantry last year as a regular soldier, I was deferred for whiplash from a car crash i had in july 2018. Anyway I was told to fill in and send of a 3 month exercise diary, I filled it all in sent it of had a message back today saying that the diary was satisfactory but I shouldnt have had to do it that they made a mistake. To join I need to be free of symptoms of whiplash for 12 months, it says that I can appeal the decision. I'm just wondering if I get proof from my doctor saying I'm fit enough and also with proof from my diary of exercise which shows I am pain free is it worth appealing the decision?
Thank you


Put my application in December. Went to the insight course/ army awareness activity last week. Did all the selection stuff, run, jerry can carry, bag lifts etc and had no issues. Just got this message in my portal:

Thank you for your application to join the British Army.

I am sorry to inform you that after careful consideration of your medical history, you do not meet the current medical standards for the Army and you will be unable to continue with your application.

Our decision was made with all the information that was available to us and in accordance with the Army rules. The reason for this decision is detailed below:

Your records indicate you were seen in Accident and Emergency in 2010 with sciatica. This is a bar to army entry.

For your information, the relevant extract from the Army rules about this condition is below:
JSP 950 Part 1 Lft 6-7-7
Candidates with a history of sciatic pain with or without back pain are graded P8L8

You should note that the Army rules extracts are here for your information only. The Army rules are written by doctors for doctors and often contain medical and military acronyms and expressions which can be difficult for a non-medic to understand. P8 means medically unfit for recruitment and L8 means the problem relates to the lower limb or back.

If you believe that our decision has been made based on incorrect or inadequate medical information, then you are able to submit an appeal. In the first instance this will be reviewed as a Level 1a Medical Records Appeal and will be conducted by a Senior Clinician. Please see details at the end of this letter for advice on how to submit your appeal.
Please note, should you wish to appeal, there may be other conditions within your medical records which may affect your application.

I am sorry that your application has been unsuccessful, and I would like to wish you well in the future
Appealing against this decision

If you want to appeal against this decision, you need to write to the address below, within 31 days of the date on this message. Give your reasons and medical evidence from your GP.

Medical evidence is needed for an appeal, without this we can’t process your appeal.

If you would like to talk about why you were rejected and get advice on the appeal process, please call 0345 600 8080and ask for the Medical Admin Team.

Your appeal will then be considered by our Medical Team and you will be told of the result in writing.

Send your appeal to this address:

National Recruiting Centre
Trenchard Lines

I had some back pain 9 years ago. Didn't need treatment or anything, just had a bit of codeine and I was fine. I'm perfectly fit and running around now, go to the gym every day. I'm a healthy lad. Called my GP surgery who said the word Sciatica was only used once in the info sent over and the Army tell me I can appeal but I don't feel very confident about this. There is literally nothing wrong with me and some back pain from nearly 10 years ago is biting me on the backside. Absolutely crushed in all honesty. Of course I'm going to appeal, but if it's unsuccessful is there any other way I can serve my country? I assume the Navy and RAF are similar medical requirements...gutted!


I feel gutted for you and all the military use the jsp950 guidelines. I would get a very good worded letter from you doctor or a specialist to confirm that you never had sciatica and it was a suspected condition that was never confirmed.

Send that off with a letter from you and see, appeals do get upheld as I have just had mine done after 2 years having to have key hole heart surgery first

Good luck buddy
Quick question for a relative - can you transfer from MPGS to KRH with CP4 colour blindness?
Hopefully someone can help me

Abdominal problems:
  • Chronic abdominal diseases like Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.
  • Kidney disorders such as polycystic kidney disease or kidney stones.
  • Donation of a kidney within the last two years.
  • Kidney disease within the last two years.
The line i have highlighted in bold is my concern. Is this if you currently have Kidney Stones or is it if you have had any kind of history of Kidney Stones....even just a single case without treatment? Also how are the Army on someone that has a horseshoe Kidney (actually harmless).


Hi all applied to join recently, looking to appeal. Likelihood of my appeal being successful?

You have a history of a Weber C type ankle fracture to your left ankle, which is essentially an intra-articular fracture. This is a bar to army entry.
JSP 950 Part 1 Lft 6-7-7

Intra-Articular fractures involving the upper and lower limb joints. Early osteoarthritis is the norm. Candidates with a history of these fractures are normally graded P8.
Candidates with a history of these fractures are normally graded P8.
I don't want to get your hopes up unnecessarily, but note the use of the word "normally". Its use means that there are some circumstances where the P8 grade isn't appropriate. In this case, it will depend on the exact nature of the fracture, and the treatment you have had.


I don't want to get your hopes up unnecessarily, but note the use of the word "normally". Its use means that there are some circumstances where the P8 grade isn't appropriate. In this case, it will depend on the exact nature of the fracture, and the treatment you have had.
Ah ok, at least there is a chance. Thanks for the info bud.


My GP said I have never had sciatica and I went to A&E in 2010 with some pain but it wasn't even in my back it was in relation to what was suspected to be Plantir Fascitis. He said the word sciatica was mentioned in an A&E note that he said are known to be 'notoriously bad and inaccurate' so he is writing me a letter and didn't even charge me, told me to collect it in a week. I've written a covering letter to say that I was disappointed to learn my application was rejected on medical grounds especially as I have never had sciatica and that was the reason given, my trip to A&E was a one off and I only went because I couldn't get an appointment with my GP at that stage of the day, I've never had recurring pain or any problems whatsoever.

I saw a post on here from 2013 where someone actually had sciatica and won an appeal and then I saw a post on another website from 3 months ago where the applicant had his appeal rejected even after providing evidence via his GP. So I guess we'll just have to get the appeal in and see what happens! Wish me luck.


Hi received my med team message. I've been told to contact my GP and obtain medical evidence. I've already gained my history on my condition and have an appointment with a GP on tuesday. What sort of questions should i ask them to help solidify my evidence i.e history for the army? And should i get them to put in writing some of what they've said and that Ive saw them to send to the army, along with my history? The meeting is also a way to get a better understanding of where my condition is at, as my last noted history is of a discharge letter as my mother failed to take me to 3 appointments regarding my epilepsy. I haven't been admitted nor seen about it since then. Any help regarding solidifying my appeal would be much appreciated.


Hi all,
Has anyone won an appeal for being rejected due to eczema on the hand in the past? I’m 16 now and applied as a regular in December, I received a message saying I’m rejected because of eczema on the hand. I had childhood eczema on my ears for about 1 year when I was 9, on one occasion only I visited the surgery to get some cream from the nurse and mentioned I had a rash on my hand, I’ve since found out she recorded it as eczema. It literally cleared up after taking antihistamines, I’ve spoke to my GP who said he’d happily help with an appeal and write that I’ve been clear of any eczema for 8 years, but there’s not much he can do about the entry about eczema on the hand on the medical records. I’m annoyed because it wasn’t diagnosed by a doctor, it was a nurse and surely a one off episode can’t be a definite diagnosis! Just wondering if these points would be worth mentioning or maybe get advice from a dermatologist specialist? Has anyone else had a similar problem? I’m gutted. Thanks

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