All Jimbo Shortt Dry Bums Leprechaun posts in here


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It'll just makes it easier for the Mods and COs when they finally get the letter from Shagnasty & Co (Nebraska Llp) about damages.

PS Jimbo touches children where they wee.

PPS dint say which Jimbo.

PPPS Jimbo, want to sue anyone? try King Of The Burpas.
Does he? I thought he didn't have the equipment to do the job and was more of a 'taker' than a 'giver', though he never pushes back as that would make him gay :-D
Jim Shortt was so fat, he sat beside everybody at school.

Jim Shortt is so so stupid, he thinks ITV2+1 is ITV3

Jim Shortt is such a walt that the Pope said "What the fuck? I didn't give him a medal!"


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When the Baron wants a laugh he reads the Guiness Book of Records.

When urinating, the Baron is easily capable of welding titanium.

Death has a shadow. Known as the Baron.


The "Leprechaun Of Death" knows where you live.

He's just chosen not to visit.


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