All is well in Mr Browns world

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jagman, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Mervyn King.. isn't he a darts player?
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Nice to see he's going to South America. Would that be because most other countries have told him to fcuk off?
  3. It is almost beyond belief. What has been noticable over the past few months of reading the onlne comments, is that the number of people supporting this Government appears to have dwindled to zero.

    Either that or there is one person with multiple sign-ons commenting on all threads.
  4. Is he still swamping himself?
  5. Not content with wasting a fortune(£20million+) on the G20 Summit,he wants to grandstand abroad,prior to the meeting,at great cost to UK taxpayers-Why?
  6. Because he is a deluded,bi-polar,buffoon.

    PS The estimates for the G20 are now running at £50million!
  7. "Grandstanding"? It's funny, if the UK's premier visits an overseas ally, (especially our number one ally) at a time of massive, mutual financial difficulty, he's seen as "Grandstanding". If he doesn't go, he's seen as rude.
    The costs of getting him over there aren't massive at all. They are in fact very, very small, especially in the grand scheme of things. A dozen hotel rooms for a couple of nights, a dozen tickets on BA. Sundry costs on top of that. It's not a lot of money in national terms. In fact it's peanuts.
  8. Did you see the 5 star nosh they were eating at A Breakfast With Gordon Brown? And they won't be slumming it at the YMCA hostel either or flying Easyjet. You know the recent scandal regarding MPs expenses? This is the type of trip where those expenses are abused and not made accountable. If the whole thing could be done for £20m as opposed to £25m then why isn't it? Why can't this be done? For the sake of the taxpayer.
  9. Because odious as he is, he represents HMQ and this country, this does mean some sort of style. You wouldn't expect HMQ to stay in a travelodge, neither should you expect her PM to do so.
  10. Style? Is that your only reason for 5 star food, accomodation, travel and expenses? To show a bit of style? If Travelodge can be made secure then why not? It's our money they are spending. I hope you are not a budget manager where you work.
  11. He's travelling on a chartered BA aircraft!
  12. Quite right CQMS.

    PandaLove: Whether you like it or not, the head of a country does not stay in a travel lodge.
    "Breakfast with Gordon Brown" was paid for by the Americans, being that he is a visiting head of state. Is that OK? Are you sure the chocolate croissants are not still choking you with rage?

    His costs to get to the USA were minimal, thanks to moaning fags like you. In the past, the UK premier would have flown on a dedicated RAF aircraft, flying the flag. Now, that costs too much (according to your type) so he charters a small section on BA. How good is that for security? Is several thousand pounds still costing too much?

    How about if Obama flew on Delta Airlines? Can you imagine that? Is that fitting for one of the most powerful heads of state in the world?

    Are you aware that the UK are just about the only nation in "Europe" without a dedicated jet for the head of state?

    The Latvians can manage it!.... also:

    The Slovakians
    The Slovenians
    The Romanians
    The Ukranians
    The Czech republic
    The Polish
    The Irish
    The Lithuanians
    The Austrians
    The Germans
    The Spanish
    The French
    The Dutch
    The Portuguese.....

    There are many more. You see how embarrassing that is?

    The UK are the only European country that does not have a dedicated transport aircraft for it's head of state. To you that might say "Value for money".

    To me it says "Embarrasing". And it's thanks to moaning cunts like you.
  13. That is correct. That does not mean HE has chartered it. It means his office has booked a small portion of the seating, and joe public has travelled on the remainder of seats, to save money.
    Do you feel better? If so, you're a cunt.

    Whatever you think about our premier, (and I don't like him) he should be transported around the globe on a dedicated, secure aircraft. No other nation does it our current way. It's fucking dangerous.
  14. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    do you think Brown really care,s I think not