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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lysander, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. I returned from Afghanistan last week on R&R and due to a combination of lack of MT (arrived on a C17 and not a Tristar therefore no transport), shocking personal admin (didn't have a set of civvies to hand) and laziness (couldn't be bothered to delve through bergen etc to find adequate clothing) ended up travelling by rail in desert dpm obviously having returned from somewhere hotter than UK (a bit sunburnt and still covered in dust).

    I can honestly say that I was hugely impressed by the reception I got from all sorts of different people. I was thanked for what we are doing, was wished the best of luck when I returned and was given best wishes and told to 'keep my head down..' by more people than I care to remember. I was approached by one chap who introduced himself as a Muslim, who then thanked me on behalf of all his fellow believers for going to help those who needed our assistance. I had an old lady offer to help carry my bags and a bloke from WH Smiths refused to let me pay for a paper. All in all the British public were enthusiastically supportive and I got home with a huge sense of well being.

    To all those who doubt the public I would just say do not listen to the headlines too much. There seem to be a huge number of people out there who support what we are doing and have a lot of sympathy for those who are unlucky enough to not come back in the same state that they deployed in. All in all my faith in people of all walks of life was reaffirmed. A really great way to come home.


  2. Excellent post mate, nice to see there are those still on the side of HMF,

    welcome home

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  4. I ended up on Oxford Station's Platform still in combats, where an old chap introduced himself, thanked me, opened a bottle of wine - and the journey passed delightfully.
  5. Welcome home. That's made me feel a whole lot better, I agree that the vast silent majority support HM forces.

    Good to hear it though. Now go and have many beers old chum, for you have surely earned them.
  6. I always feel a bit of a dweeb saying 'Well done' to people in uniform; glad to hear it's happening, and that it's taken in the spirit it's meant.
  7. Thats really nice to hear, lysander and poly.

    I think the tide is turning a bit now. A couple of years ago, the general public were more than happy to be spoon fed by the government and the media. The media would quite happily use the Armed Forces to 'get at' the government and we got particularly bad press (thanks, Piers). Joe public is becoming a bit tired of both factions of our glorious nation and they are able to dig slightly deeper than the fishwrappers headlines and the Stazi spin. They obviously know we arent a bunch of baby killing murderers and the image of the traditional tommy is thankfully coming back to blokey in the street. They now know we are not only being shafted on ops but shafted at home too.
  8. Have a good and well earned R&R Lysander. Welcome back and good luck for the rest of the tour. :D
  9. Good luck with Your leave, mate and be safe on Your return.
  10. Nice to hear. Have a great R+R and stay safe for the rest of your tour.
  11. I would like to re-affirm all the previous posts, wlecome home have a great R&R!

  12. These ladies will be more than happy to look after you.........

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  13. Thats from the last arrse crawl isn't it?

    A free biro to anyone who can name the members. ;)
  14. I think alot of the time people are scared to go up to hard lookin squaddies and say thanks incase they get a "fcuk off!" or something.
  15. That's magic.

    Enjoy your R&R and keep safe when you go back.

    In the light of your experience, maybe everyone returning from dusty places should dispense with civvies.