All-Ireland driving ban looms

A CROSS-BORDER driving ban will go ahead as promised next year, the Department of Transport said yesterday.

Although the tough new measure is not included in the road safety legislation before the Dail, the department denied it had been long-fingered. And it insisted that the ban would come into force next year.

It will mean that a ban imposed in the North or Britain or on the Isle of Man will automatically disqualify that motorist from driving on Irish roads. Irish drivers banned here would similarly be banned there. However, the new ban will not plug the gap in the law which allows law-breaking motorists from other jurisdictions to avoid penalty points in Ireland. The mutual disqualification was agreed earlier this year by the British-Irish Council. It will cover bans for offences such as drink driving and speeding.
'But time! I know a few people who have British & Irish Driving Licences.One of them (A neighbour) has a drink driving ban but uses his Southern licence to 'dodge' the law.Wonder if it'll cut down the amount of Southern registered vehicles PERMANENTLY kept & used in the North as well?
I could never work out a S ireland driving Licence, It looked like the paying book from the co-op.
There's still far too many loopholes bewtwen north and south.

I suppose it comes with some able to pick'n mix their nationality.

Not sure why they banned looms though.
Spike... your neighbour may well be able to produce a clean Southern Irish licence, however will still be on police records as a banned driver (ring the grass line).
Knew someone who did the same with a Jersey licence when he got banned on the mainland. He didn't look so clever when he got caught and had his ban doubled and a heavy fine and threat of jail if he got caught again.
People need to remember that these banned drivers are uninsured and the reason why we all pay more to cover them.
Multiple licences (I have 3) are like multiple passports: they are good only for getting you out of a tight spot once. E.g. Plod in some other country confiscates your passport and driving licence and you need to leave the country. It only works where sophisticated computer systems are not in use and you can avoid visiting that country for a long time!

A ban applies to the individual, not only the license that he carries. The bonus in this case of having a Jersey licence is that he could have continued to legally drive in the rest of the world (not UK or Crown Colonies under UK jurisdiction) on his Jersey license, provided that he informs his insurer that his UK license is subject to a ban. Ever filled in an insurance application form? It asks if you have any convictions, and does not limit the scope to that particular license. Also it states that any changes to your driving record must be reported to the insurer as soon as possible; hence driving on a Jersey license and not telling the insurer that you have a D&D conviction and ban would invalidate your insurance completely.

Happy driving!

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