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Kill the bloody snake
Good on the kids. I'm not sure kids that age in this country could have coped and reacted like that.

I'm surprised how calm the dog was throughout the ordeal.
Snake just doing what snake does
If you watch the video on Twitter and read some of the responses, it would suggest that the kids set that up and filmed it for their TikTok and YouTube channels. Done the same thing with other animals apparently.

Maybe that's why they didn't kill the snake because they use the same one all the time.

God bless the cynical.
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I was surprised the snake hadn't sunk it's teeth into the dog, it's the first thing my snakes do when I feed them.
That joke went over your head... much like the stormtroopers shots would...
It's gone over mine as well. So you'd better spell it out for us.

It's gone over mine as well. So you'd better spell it out for us.


Star Wars is the (inspiration for the) Trope Namer.
  • The Imperial Stormtroopers are notorious, even among many non-Star Wars fans, for their inability to hit the heroes, particularly in A New Hope and Return of the Jedi. This reputation is enhanced by how in the former Obi-Wan makes a point of what incomparably good shots they're supposed to be, and in the latter, the Emperor refers to the scouts on Endor as his "best troops". In the prequel trilogy, the standard battle droids are arguably even worse than the Stormtroopers, while, oddly enough, the Clone Troopers (predecessors of the Stormtroopers) tend to be much better shots than the Stormtroopers. A lot of ink has been spilled on this subject, both in official Expanded Universe publications and by fans and critics, either lampshading or attempting to rationalize this shoddy marksmanship. Ironically, there are several plausible in-universe explanations and not just ad hoc ones either. See here for a more detailed analysis.
  • The whole "stormtroopers can't shoot on target" thing is so infamous that there are now many jokes about it. For example, "A Stormtrooper and a Red Shirt get into a firefight. The Stormtrooper misses all the shots. The Red Shirt dies anyway".