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Excellent! It's my 50th next year, and I'd like to book a band. Anyone know where I can rent Jimmy Page?

Yes, the angled fillet often above the cockpit to catch wires before they ride up to the main rotor.

Huey is a very easy to see example.
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Edited to add, Wah shield deployed just in case
Wire Protection System, not fitted routinely to US Army helos until late 80s.

If that's a Vietnam-era bird then I'm calling 'wah'.
That was made before 1927?

Don't know if it was 07:27 or 19:27. Its a big unit probably took a few days I believe atom bombs are a bit fiddly to make.

Poor bugga, I bet he shi...

...ah, wait a min :)

Serves him right for taking a dump out in the open with no situational awareness. We Injuns know to find better cover than that when dropping breechclot! Drones will get you every time. :cool:

Poor bugga, I bet he shi...

...ah, wait a min :)

If he'd stayed in his own country, he could have enjoyed the prospect of many more years of shitting indoors.

Admittedly, the chances of some recreational murder, torture, rape and looting would be somewhat curtailed, but one cannot have everything.


(Added for the removal of any doubt.)


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