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Am I being thick? What are we looking for?

To be fair to you mate, I was sizing up the woman's tidy figure. I thought it was some MILF I would do post
How did "Cultural marxism" get into the top category? It's not really a conspiracy theory is it, more like a noticeable trend that may or may not be a reliable indicator of societal behaviour. At worst it should be in the "We have questions" section. Is the creator of this chart perhaps a "Cultural marxist"?

Chuck in a load of quite blatant looney tunes moonscreechery then hide a few real issues in among it to push the idea they're all a load of pish. Propaganda 101.
I think it’s good. My old regiment had lads in from Muslim and Afro-Caribbean backgrounds. No-one thought anything of it.
The clue is in the avatar.
When we amalgamated in 1993 some troopers from the partner regiment were openly racist, and surprised we ‘allowed’ black people in our regiment.
Cheeky farking twunts.
If you are part of the team, who ******* cares about your skin colour?
If I hadn’t already made it clear, I hate racists.
Yours, privileged white guy.

A guy who was two terms below me in Juniors arrived at the Regiment 6 months after I did. The guys knew he was coming and the overt racist banter came out. 'We'll stick our boots outside his room, he can clean them, he'll be used to it' sort of thing. He was the first black guy for a few years. All very mild, but racist the same.

When he arrived, it stopped in an instant. Not only was a big bugger, he was a really nice bloke and became everyone's mate. He and I hit it off and became besties.

It was amazing how the talk evaporated when they met the guy, and actually liked him and had loads in common with him.
I treated an old man as a patient today.

And was genuinely surprised to see that he was 3 years younger than me!
Very hard paper rounds in FI

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