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I think it’s good. My old regiment had lads in from Muslim and Afro-Caribbean backgrounds. No-one thought anything of it.
The clue is in the avatar.
When we amalgamated in 1993 some troopers from the partner regiment were openly racist, and surprised we ‘allowed’ black people in our regiment.
Cheeky farking twunts.
If you are part of the team, who ******* cares about your skin colour?
If I hadn’t already made it clear, I hate racists.
Yours, privileged white guy.
In 1984 I was the only white guy in our section. No problems at all.
I wonder if he makes himself 'unavailable' when CDT come calling?
To be fair he did win sword of honour on his commissioning course. No bad for a council estate boy who joined up as a boy soldier, regardless of religion.

To be even more fair Albertous Junior served with him before he was commissioned (both Danny and Albertous Junior now are as 29 are good at sending DEs to Sandhurst) and thought he was "a bit of a knob" to quote Albertous Junior.


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Seems to be Danish but other than that, no idea
Seems to be Danish but other than that, no idea View attachment 664890

I got a TukTuk last year, for a larf which it was. Believe me, if you fired a .177 Daisy air gun over the cab, like that, it would bring the whole kit and caboodle to a grinding halt!


Don't think there are any Rasta Honkies in the army as yet .

I'd give it a go but there would be two real problems with it.

First, I'm too old to join back up, and second, I'm balding so badly there are more bare patches on my scalp than hair.


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