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Shirley that's cutting or clipping your fringe not shaving it.

I'd agree, but I'm not the post-stroke, legendary guitarist, erecting a paper ladder to climb out of the hole he doesn't want to leave as he's having too much fun


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Wonky cap plus her hair is messy and the uniform is too big. Seriously, what are these people thinking?!
You're very much mistaken if you believe these people can actually think.
Is the Catholic Church a force for good in the world ?

If you have not seen this debate before - much of it is worth the 2 hours or so it takes.

About 1100 people attended and on entering were asked to vote on the Proposal.
At the end they voted again - and for me the difference is so interesting.

Cape Town, actually.
Look at that gradient on the road.

The area around the JNB Deutsche Schule is pretty steep, Westdene, Auckland Park and so on. Also, those old walls and other bits of architecture are quite similar to what's found in the area.

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