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Central Park during the Great Depression (New York, 1933)



Central Park during the Great Depression (New York, 1933)

Looks like a map from Fallout 4.
You can build houses very like those ones in that game.


Germany,I see have banned certain members of the community from shops etc.
They are also discussing making vaccination compulsory.
Given the rise in numbers it's probably a good move.
However if a vaccine is developed that can be administered through a gas.
My advice would be,,, Don't even go there
Having been the lucky owner of a Golden Retriever or two (or three) over the years, I can tell you that if you see one giving it's war face and snarling, believe what you are seeing and quietly back away. They don't often go for humans but you don't want to be the exception that proves the rule. My last vet told me that he'd only been bitten three times and each time was a GR. He was always very respectful of my dogs which was great but puzzling to clever dogs that were used to everyone being their friend. Only one of mine ever gave her war face, two separate occasions years apart and both were justified. First time a group of feral youths were hassling me and she was exactly like the dog in the clip above. Scared the shit out of the scrotes and I couldn't have been more proud. Second time one of the cats was sniffing at a t-bone the dog had been given, cue war face from dog. Cat, being ruler of all she surveyed, kept sniffing, split second lunge and cat's head is in dog's mouth. I was never more relieved that the dog was trained to drop on the 'No' command and was obedient when I shouted that. Cat, entirely unbothered, dog very subdued because she'd never been shouted at before. Never was again either.
Few years back, my neighbour had a rescue Rottweiler. It was the biggest softie I ever met.

One day, he told me that someone had jumped the fence into his backyard not realizing his mother and dog were both in the house. The dog went off his head and chased the bloke for his life.

This is the same dog that got out one day and was found across the road at the netball courts being played with all the little kids that were there.

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