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El Castillo (Chichen Itza) when it was discovered in 1892 vs. Present-day.

El Castillo is a Mesoamerican stepped Pyramid approximately 30 meters high; the base is 55.3 meters square. It was built by the Mayans from the 9th to 12th century AD.



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They have form for this sort of thing going way back. :)
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As an extra. This picture should be sent to all the anti airport "It's too noisy" moaners.
Bielefeld Viaduct isn't it?
3000 tons of bombs were dropped with only superficial damage, 617Sqn. were given the task and armed with Grand Slam or Tallboys undermined the viaduct with the percussive waves from subsequent munitions (the Tallboys) caused the missing section in the photo to fall into the craters. there is another photo showing one of the houses appearing to be still habitable....

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