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Please, tell me that that is not real. Our language is regularly massacred ( gift has become a verb even on Harrods web-site) but that is total annihilation.
I have been assured it is actually real, I found that difficult to believe as well. He's triedto sell loads of stuff, I'll try to find a couple more examples
Mate. That's local to me.
And that is the standard of grammar and literacy here.

I'm like fecking Einstein compared with some of these valleys mongs.
Don't answer your bloody convos though....
Ahh sorry mate. I haven't received anything.. I'll double check in case I've had an attack of stupid.
Was an old convo 'walking', should have still notified you - anyway, other than the initial AWOL question, nothing else was urgent. No worries mate.

"The use of gift as a verb is not new, at least according to the Oxford English Dictionary, which lists examples of gift used to mean to make a present of from as early as the 17th century."


So true.

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