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30th September 2021 marks 30 years since the Stand Down of the main elements (the Posts and HQs) of the Royal Observer Corps.

The Corps, an organisation created after the First World War and battle hardened in the Second World War, ended almost overnight. Some personnel continued on as nuclear reporting cells on RAF bases, but for the vast majority the ROC simply ended on the 30th September 1991.

I didn't even get a notification letter - I found out about it in The Northern Echo.

I turned up at the Coventry Group HQ site near Rugby and we all assembled in the civil protection building next to the HQ, so didn't even get to enter the bunker for a final time. Signed over my ID card and got a locally produced certificate of service, date stamped 30th September 1991, had a few drinks (McEwans Lager, I think) and that was it. No discharge papers. Nothing. Although when you sack 9,000 people in one go I suspect that paperwork takes time to catch up.

We had a Hawker Hunter as a gate guardian at Cov. I wonder what happened to it.


Remember them. We used to call them sh*t ships. Used to go down the Thames out into the North Sea, do a circle about 15-20 miles off Clacton where they dumped their load and then back up to Beckton again for a refill.
I remember them well and the punch ups between two of the crews . Were you ever at Becton STW ?


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