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If I was told correctly, by a vicar at Sittard.
Every grave was given to a family to tender. This task, even though past down is still taken seriously, birthday, day of death and Nov 11 they should all get flowers.
Sittard's grave is in the centre of the housing as they died to free the people living there
Do the Airborne , Paras still drive to Holland for Arnhem remembrance? Remember going there , land rovers with no cover on. Freezing our tits off but trying to look ok . Got there and every headstone had a young Dutch child with a poppy standing behind. Very dusty.

This leady tended her grave from age of 9 until she died at 84

Willemien Rieken "Flower girl"

A title she carried with pride



For decades Willemien Rieken lovingly laid flowers on the grave of a Scottish soldier she had never met, for making the ultimate sacrifice during the fight to liberate Europe.

The annual ritual which she fulfilled for 75 years has been brought to an end, however, after it was confirmed yesterday that Ms Rieken has died, aged 84.
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