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P.s. I don't care if it's true or not. Ta.
It's true. That specimen is a serial litigant and all-around annoyance that clogs the toilet of Canadian justice.


Specs G***** would have done that in about 10 seconds, the man was a master at it even if his eyes did look in different directions


It's an hour long but well worth watching. The true story of the Chernobyl disaster. They use shots from the HBO series but then cut to the real people who were actually there.

Name this film...


Reminds me of the time when we went there to watch Star Wars.
At this very cinema, Deilinghoven!
Afterwards, and probably a few bevvies further, we raided the MT store to fight our own light-sabre fight in amongst the 432's, ferrets, CET & CVRT's.
What fun we had.
Until the next monday morning....

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