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These were quite topical, yesterday.



Free Speech at University: Should students be allowed to debate sensitive issues?

Jeremiah Igunnubole, ADF UK's Legal Counsel, spoke to GB News about the “culture of fear” around freedom of speech on university campuses.

I too noted the " Escape Axes " .... and in the back of my brain I was aware of this having seen pics in which the tail end of a landed Glider had been neatly detached ... confirmed by WiKi ...

.... I bet the change in design was welcomed ... and perhaps the then more critical need for the axes .

Further I am sure I read that when the film " A Bridge Too Far " was being made it was proposed to build several Horsa Gliders using original drawings however that proposal was stopped because of potential problems getting Airworthy Certificates ... may just be an urban myth ... those who flew into combat in such aircraft certainly had to have some b*lls .

ETA Two Gliders were towed across the North Sea to land in Norway as part of Operation Freshman ... both crashed in Norway because of icing of the tow cable ... all those in the Gliders either died instantly or were subsequently murdered by the Germans .
they were also used in a hare brained scheme to tow them to North Africa, attached to a Halifax, with a planned landing in Gibraltar. The Germans found out and sent Ju88s out to intercept them. Sometimes, the bomber would survive but the glider was invariably lost with all on board.

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