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Ja, we all dressed like that back in the day. Swedish ntombezaan at the DZ used to set herself up to observe my junk while I packed, going commando as I do. Had no idea until a mate pointed it out. Trapped her eventually but she honked all over my kombi one night while we were in the sack. Low alcohol tolerance for a Swede. They're normally booze sumps that would make a tovarichi's eyes water.
French use of VSP’s is fantastic, gives youth (especially in rural areas) freedom, keeps old people (again, especially in rural areas) independent and mobile/active, saving the public purse a fortune, and also means that cnuts who lose their licence through speeding or drink driving don’t lose their jobs and turn to benefits, again saving public purse a fortune. And through all that all these people aren’t reliant on an expensive and inefficient rural bus service.
It's great when old Mme Grenouille drives along the middle of the road ignoring all priorité et flèche.
Published by: BNS,, on 21 September 2021.

Baltic states run first connecting train in decades


Originally published by: J. Vitor Tossini, UK Defence Journal, on 07 December 2020 (Nearly a year ago).

The UK and its ‘Unsinkable Aircraft Carriers’ – A guide

The term Unsinkable Aircraft Carriers first appeared during the Second World War, to describe the military use of islands in the Pacific Ocean for the American forces fighting the Empire of Japan.

Since then, Britain and other nations have considered similar strategies to secure military power projection. A look at possible British ‘unsinkable carriers’ points to the relevance of the British Overseas Territories.


Gibraltar. Photo by Andrew Griffith [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.


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That thing wouldn't hold half of what I deliver in a day.


I'm only guessing here but these may be in addition to the normal Post Office vans .
Around here in the sticks posties run round in the normal vans but when I was in London it was a very common sight to see them pushing a trolley on their rounds . Very often chaining them to a nearby lamp post while they delivered to a particular street .
These electric thingies may be replacements for the trollies .

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